HP Recline’s is quite a relaxed all-in-one, quite powerful too

Jordan O'Brien
September 5, 2013

HP has revealed a new line of all-in-one computers, which all feature an articulating stand, much like most AIOs of today. HP’s ‘Recline’ PC is something different though, allowing the entire touchscreen to hang off the table and therefore be closer to your lap.

The way HP has managed to do this is by shifting the PC’s centre of gravity halfway between the base and the display — meaning this thing can practically dangle off the edge and still not end up on the floor.

The Recline will be available in more than one iteration, with a 23- and 27-inch model due to go on sale in October — although the 23-inch model will also have a Beats Edition which is due to ship in November.

No matter what screen size you choose you’ll be getting a Haswell processor, up to 16GB of RAM, up to 1TB of storage, a 1GB NVIDIA GT 730A GPU and a 1080p display.

You’ll also have the option of having an SSD paired with that HDD, and if you choose to get the Beat Edition, Beats Audio will be thrown in — although you will have to settle with a Core i3 and less RAM should you choose to do so.

The Recline 27 may miss out on Beats Audio, but it does gain NFC — meaning pairing it with your smartphone should be simple.

UK pricing for Recline 23 will start at £979 for the standard model, and £999 for the Beats Edition, whilst the 27-inch model will set you back £1,399.

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