How mobile phones have taken over online application forms

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November 5, 2020

Over the past two decades, the adoption of mobile devices has been exponential. As of today, over 90 percent of Australians now make use of a smartphone. 

Mobile devices that were once used for only making calls and sending text messages are now being used for a wide variety of functions including, snapping pictures, shopping online, playing games, and so much more. In short, mobile phones have tremendously made our lives easier. 

In the last few years, many Australian job seekers now make use of smartphones for the job application process. As a consequence, employers are now making their application process simpler so that it can be optimised for mobile devices. This post explores some of the ways mobile phones have taken over online application forms. 

✔ Simplifying the Job Application Process

Just a few decades back, job seekers had to submit paper applications in-person. Even when the internet arrived, many job seekers had to visit cyber cafes to gain access to the internet to apply for jobs. But today, we all have mini-computers in our hands

When applying for jobs, applicants need to fill in their personal information (name, address, phone number, email, and more), education level, experience, employment history, reference list, and more. Through simple form fields (some with drop-down lists), applicants can easily fill in their information through their mobile devices. 

This information gets sent through the server and employers can access it, before analysing it to determine the applicant’s suitability for the role. 

✔ Online Application Forms Made Easier

Just some three decades back, employers had to stand in long queues to obtain police records on potential hires as part of the due diligence. 

Today applications like online background checks have changed the game. Even from their mobile devices, employers can order national police checks on potential hires from services like Australian national character checks. 

You can check out the mobile compatibility of the online police check forms for yourself by visiting the following URL: This process is as simple as filling online application forms that typically contains the name and other important information about the applicant. The information is then automatically checked and passed on to the Australian police authority databases, and criminal records of such individuals are pulled out (if there are any).  

Benefits of Online Application Forms on Mobile Phones

Here are some of the benefits of online application forms on mobile devices:

✔ More convenient

The good thing about a mobile device is it can be conveniently handled in many places and different positions. A person on a train that sees an opportunity only can easily apply for the job through their device. HR managers can order for background on potential hires irrespective of where they are. 

✔ Faster

Sophisticated online forms can be cached. For a job seeker, this means constant information about them like name and email can automatically be filled, eliminating the need for retyping for every new opportunity. This makes the application process faster. 

✔ Secure

Many online platforms with forms make use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt data transferred over to the server. This helps to maintain the integrity of data transferred through online forms. 

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