Google Glass being used by Virgin staff at Heathrow

Saqib Shah
February 11, 2014

Virgin Atlantic  is equipping  some of its concierge staff with  Google Glass  at London’s Heathrow airport in an effort to customise its customer service.

Virgin is testing Google Glass for a six-week trial period during which it  will be used to take  Upper Class  passengers through the check-in process.

Additionally, it will also allow staff to provide updates about flights and answer any questions about travellers destinations, including queries about the local weather, events or translating information supplied in another language.

Virgin has stated that if the test is successful it will consider a wider roll-out of the device  and also use it to keep its staff notified of passengers’ dietary requirements and other personal preferences related to their flight.

Google Glass is being introduced by the airline after a Virgin-backed survey found that over half of travellers worldwide think that flying is less glamorous or exciting than it was in years gone by.

Source: The Next Web

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