Ello Group: 85 per cent of consumers don’t trust their mobile provider

Megan Robinson
November 10, 2022

14pc have switched mobile provider in the past 12 months

Only 15 per cent of consumers trust their current mobile provider- meaning 85pc find them untrustworthy, according to research by agency Ello Group.

The research highlighted that consumer loyalty is declining as 64pc said they are loyal to their current provider- down from 70pc in 2021.

Of the 1,000 surveyed, many were concerned about cost savings which meant that 10pc would remain loyal if their current mobile provider could offer help to make savings in areas such as leisure, travel and eating out.

Meanwhile, 18pc believe mobile brands should absorb some of the higher costs throughout supply chains to help with the cost of living, and 17pc want mobile brands to offer discounts at relevant places.

The data also revealed what would make consumers stick with their mobile provider long-term. Price was most important as 40pc chose this, while reliability (25pc), good customer service (22pc), quality of product/service (18pc) and trust (15pc), were also significant.

Michael Kalli, managing director of Ello Group said: “The telecoms sector is showing some worrying signs of declining loyalty and trust, amidst the current cost of living crisis with some customers admitting they’ve gone as far to switch providers in the last year.

“As the current cost-conscious climate we’re in shows no signs of improving and consumer habits continue to shift, with many looking to make cost savings in various areas of their lives, providers in the sector need a strategy in place to ensure long-term customer retention.

“This is a crucial time for the sector with mobile/telecoms providers having a real opportunity to support their customers in a meaningful way.

“While costs are rising across supply chains and it’s not always possible to slash prices, there are other avenues providers could be exploring to help alleviate the financial pressure on their loyal customers in other areas of their lives.”

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