EE now has 500,000 4G customers, Prepaid/Shared plans coming soon

Jordan O'Brien
June 6, 2013

EE is well on track to becoming the largest 4G operator in Europe by years end, with the network finally reaching the half a million milestone.

The company had a rocky start, with many customers slating the high premium for 4G services, but EE has stood strong and expects to double its customer base by the end of the year.

Senior telecoms analyst Kester Mann said that the milestone adds yet more pressure to both Vodafone and O2, who are yet to launch their 4G networks. Mann believes that the two networks could be waiting for an updated Apple iPhone, which will be compatible with the spectrum they bought at auction.

Along with announcing the 500,000 milestone, the company also revealed that it will increase its 4G LTE coverage to 55% of the population by the end of June, as well as launching 4G tariffs for their prepaid customers. It will also be offering shared data plans, which means you will be able to share your 4G data across numerous devices, or even with other people.

EE has said that its next rollout of 4G services will target major commuter routes, shopping centres and airports — with the rollout expected to hit several more cities this month.  Aberdeen, Bath, Bournemouth, Brighton, Cambridge, Ipswich, Middlesbrough, Northampton, Norwich, Poole, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Swansea and York are all expected to be switched on by the end of the year.



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