UPDATED: “Leaked” photos show apparent Nokia EOS 41MP Windows Phone

Jordan O'Brien
June 6, 2013

The 41MP Nokia EOS device, which is rumoured to be the first true PureView Windows Phone, has supposedly surfaced in several leaked photos, courtesy of WPDang.

Those who have used a Lumia 920 will recognise the design, as it looks almost identical to its younger sibling — that’s if you disregard the sizeable bump on the back.

If this turns out to be legit, which there is little reason to doubt it’s not, then the EOS will not come with built in wireless charging — much like the Lumia 925. Instead it appears that you will have to buy separate wireless charging covers, which will then connect with the 2 dots located on the back of the device.

According to the photos, the camera cover will not be as raised as the one found on the 808 PureView, which should help with how it feels in the hand.

We might not have to wait much longer until we get our hands on the EOS, with a rumoured announcement in July. US carrier AT&T is allegedly already testing the device  which  is is said to feature a 4.5″ OLED screen and 32GB of internal storage — which will not be expandable due to the supposed lack of a MicroSD card slot.


UPDATE:  Some more photos appear to have been leaked courtesy of ViziLeaks and GSMArena — this time showing a little more of the EOS’ beast of a camera.

Nokia EOS back-1

EOS Lumia Grass lumiaeos3 lumiaeos1


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