EE launching ‘fastest 4G in the world’ in London’s Tech City today

Jamie Feltham
November 5, 2013

You’ve had months of Kevin Bacon telling you that that EE’s 4G is the fastest of any network in the UK. From today onwards, he’ll be able say ‘fastest in the world’, with EE launching its new LTE-Advanced system in London’s Tech City.

The company claims that the new system will allow for up to 300Mbps data speeds for businesses residing in the area. That covers the Old Street area in East London.

Right now it’s only the CAT6 Huawei router that has access to the super-fast network. That can tether up to 20 phones and tablets and give them up to speeds of 200Mbps. The company will release compatible dongles and phones in 2014.

Meanwhile, the future looks good, with EE launching the service across London in the new year. LTE-Advanced is currently only available in Russia and Korea.

Note that this isn’t really a commercial service, and is focused on companies. Hopefully we’ll see the upgraded speeds head to devices in the future, but for now just gaze and wonder.

Source: CNET

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