Disney does us a favour and bans selfie sticks

Thomas Wellburn
July 6, 2015

Good riddance. Disney is taking matters into its own hands with the selfie stick epidemic and permanently banning them within Disneyland Park premises.

After signs and verbal warnings failed to deter people from bringing them along, the company decided to take the extreme action of banning them completely. The new policy will go into effect on Tuesday, initially beginning in the Orlando resort before moving to Hong Kong and Paris on July 1st.

Disney was initially quite tolerable to the whole selfie stick fiasco, allowing the public to carry them throughout the park. The problem was that they kept bringing them on rides, which was deemed as dangerous (and rightly so). The turning point came this week when some idiot decided to take a selfie from atop the California Screamin’ roller coaster. The ride reached its highest point when one of the visitors pulled out the stick and tried to nab a selfie before the drop. This left other guests stranded on the ride for over an hour.

You can hardly blame Disney for this one. They tried to be tolerant of selfie sticks but alas, the people just wouldn’t listen. Oh well, maybe now we will proper ride-cams instead of the awful selfie ride-cams.


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