Fallout Shelter bringing the apocalypse to Android in August

Alex Yau
July 6, 2015

Gamers will finally experience Fallout 4 in November.  Whilst iOS users have been satisfying their post-apocalyptic hunger with Fallout Shelter, a mobile game based on the series, Android users have noticeably been left out. That could soon change in August. 

Android users won’t feel so left out from August. Bethesda’s Pete Hines responded to a fan’s question on Twitter and suggested the game could hit Android devices in August.

Nothing has been fully confirmed. Hines said that the game is coming along nicely. He didn’t give a proper release date but said that Fallout Shelter “should be out next month” on Android devices.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter gives players the chance to play as an ‘overseer’ and run their own underground vault. Additional rooms can be added and vault residents can level up to become more helpful.

Fallout 4 comes out on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 10.

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