Carphone Warehouse stops selling Nexus 5 SIM-free

Jordan O'Brien
November 6, 2013

If you had hoped to grab a bargain on the Nexus 5 rather than spending the £299.99 that Google is demanding, then you may be out of luck, with Carphone Warehouse halting its Nexus 5 SIM-free sales — with the absolutely delightful price of £295 gone with it.

Of course you can still grab a Nexus 5 from Carphone Warehouse, although you’ll be forced to take out a contract along with it, with prices starting at £21 per month, not quite as good of a deal as the £295 eh?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Carphone Warehouse has halted the sales, with the retailer confirming that only a “limited number” of SIM-free Nexus 5s were available, now there doesn’t seem to be anyway to get a Nexus 5 on the cheap and quickly — with Google also sold out in the Play Store.

Source: Android Central

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