BT bringing 4G service in partnership with EE

Jamie Feltham
October 10, 2013

BT used to offer its own consumer network, but has turned itself attention to other areas in recent years. Now it looks like the company could be making a return to the sector with the aid of EE.

BT is set to strike a deal with the 4G specialist to bring mobile network services to its customers. The deal includes 4G coverage, so in time BT could well relaunch a full blown mobile network for itself. In fact, chief executive has said in the past that it’s ‘highly likely’ that the company makes a return to distributing its own 4G SIM cards in 2014.

Specifics on the deal (which is apparently yet to be signed) are yet to be revealed, though we’d imagine BT is paying EE a hefty sum for its services.

Source: The Next Web

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