T-Mobile to offer free data in over 100 countries

Jamie Feltham
October 10, 2013

Using your phone in another country is a troubling concept. You may well find that you’re able to use up data while on holiday, but you may also find yourself then paying a hefty bill for it. T-Mobile is about to change all that.

Sure, the company is American, but this is pretty awesome news for the whole globe. T-Mobile is set to cut down on foreign data fees at the end of the month, offering free data consumption in over 100 countries across the globe. In doing so it will beat other companies and even the EU to the punch, which is looking to abolish roaming charges.

Customers won’t have to raise a finger to benefit from this. Of course, you won’t be treated to 3G through this service, but expect connections to be fast enough to handle basic tasks like emails. If you’re looking for faster speeds then power users can boost speeds with one of three paid passes: one day and 100MB for $15, one week and 200MB for $25 or two weeks and 500MB for $50.

Let’s hope this sets a trend and removes a rather significant barrier of mobile usage in foreign territory.

Source: Engadget

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