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February 15, 2021

Graduating can be tiresome, and at times, you might lose track of direction, especially when you’re a medical student. Here are some apps to make your journey easier.

Graduating in any sector is tough as it is, but when it’s a medical school you’ll be graduating from, we all know it’s tougher. Medical schools are known as one of the toughest departments to get a degree from. The amount of material you need to study is never-ending.

However, in the 21st-century, education is much easier than before, all thanks to the advanced technology we are being offered. With the help of modern technological advances, any kind of educational platform is made way easier than before. 

Medical school can be tough to go through by yourself. Oftentimes, it’s you and your study materials having long hours together; this can definitely keep you away from being socially active. This might make you feel lonely and stressed. But thanks to modern technology, there are some apps that can make your life easier as a medical grad student. 

These apps can surely help you a lot with your studies, minimizing your long study hours and giving you more time to focus on yourself and your social life. 

Helpful Apps for Medical Grad Students

Now, we will discuss a few apps we think can be handy for you when you need to excel in medical school without overworking yourself and draining all your energy. 

You can help a friend or a family member who’s a medical grad student by giving them medical school graduation gifts. If they get helpful and handy gifts, their journey will become way easier along the way. 

1. Prognosis

Prognosis is an app through which you can learn efficient decision-making and how to avoid common errors while practicing medicine. 

Here physicians can practice medical acumen. In a way, there is no risk while learning. This app makes the understanding of medical situations and terms easier via a game. 

It makes your understanding of diagnosis easier and way simpler. It’s almost like you are putting your knowledge into practice. And practice makes everything better. 

It is widely popular among medical students, doctors, and nurses. 

2. MedCalX

MedCalX is an app that helps you to make any scores, problems, formulas, and situations regarding the medical aspects easier. It turns any complex medical problem easily understandable. 

It is available in 5 languages already, and more languages are being developed and will be available soon. You can customise this app according to your needs and preferences to get the best suggestions and solutions. 

3. Eponyms

Remembering and memorising eponyms in medical school is a basic thing to do, and remembering so many names can be a huge task and toll on the students.

Hence the app eponyms come of great help. There are more than 8000 eponyms put in the database of the app, which is associated with the diseases in question in particular.

This helps medical students to easily keep track of these names and not to struggle with any additional information. 

4. Micromedex

The Micromedex app helps with medical interactions. It is widely used by doctors, pharmacists, and medical staff. This app is very reliable for any kind of information related to medical history and other information. 

It is an interacting platform where medical students can seek answers for free, and this information is safe and legit to pull off on a patient. 

In the 40 years of the app’s launch, they’ve inserted around 4,500 terms in their database. With the wide range of information provided, Micromedex made the lives of med students and doctors way easier.

5. Daily Rounds

Daily Rounds is a digital journal that is updated on a daily basis. With this app, you can easily have access to all the medical case studies. This helps you to go through these cases and understand each situation in-depth, so you can act accordingly when you face a similar scenario. 

It’s a unique way to learn because it gives you real scenarios, and it is as close you can get to having a real-life experience with how to deal with these situations before you become a doctor or nurse. 


PEPID is the digital house for all kinds of medical solutions. It is recognized as the “hidden gem” by medical experts. 

It allows you to have access to any kind of medical drug-related issues and contents. You name it, they have it. You can collect these pieces of information and interact with your fellow classmates, peers, and work on critical medical scenarios. 

7. Epocrates

The app Epocrates helps you to save time and make accurate decisions according to the issues that arise. The database of this app contains all the information on how to solve basic medical issues and how to take care of the patients in the right way. 

There are customer reviews on the app that helps a medical student immensely and saves their time. 

8. Brainscape

Brainscape is an app that presents you with “virtual flashcards,” which helps you with keeping all the information in mind without any hassle. These flashcards make the process repetitive, which keeps you in touch with repetitive practice. 

This process of studying helps you stimulate your brain, and you can easily remember the important notes you need for medical school. 

9. Human Anatomy Atlas 

This app offers you more than 10,000 3D models of human anatomy, including both male and female anatomy. You can look for any part of a human body in-depth as it also offers definitions, pronunciations, and explanations of each part of the body.

To test your ability after you go through the anatomies, you can sit for assessments that are present on the app. There are about 1000 quizzes available on the Human Anatomy Atlas app. 

Make Med School More Manageable

With the help of these apps, it’s quite certain your med school journey would be a lot easier. It is tough. However, with these apps, graduating from med school seems manageable. 

Here’s to your successful journey as a physician! 

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