Why you need a VPN with your android phone

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February 16, 2021

So you’re going to get a new Android mobile? You’ve gone through all the mobile phone reviews, and made a purchase. What’s the first thing you do after you frantically get it out of the box? Scramble around for your screen protector and a hard case to give it the protection it needs? Or are you just going to turn it on and get stuck into using it?


As tempting as it is to use your phone straight off the bat, it’s also worth noting that you could open yourself up to cybercriminal attacks if you do that. That’s why if you use a VPN with your Android phone, you’ll be able to do all of that (including screen protector if need be!) and get straight online without worrying about online hackers.


But first, let’s see what could happen if you don’t use a VPN

Your instinct might be to set up all your favourite and familiar apps, like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and all your other social media accounts. Then there are the emails too, games, useful apps like banking ones and calendars. After that, you’re going to want to connect to the internet using your home wi-fi or mobile data and check out your new phone.  Now, all your online activities are left wide open.

Without the right protection, hackers can now track your activities. They can find out what websites you visit, what you’ve been downloading, who you’ve been talking with, what your passwords are.  Even your internet service provider (ISP) monitors your data usage and sees what you’re up to. You’ve got no privacy, and you’ve left yourself at risk. Your poor new Android phone! It’s not all scary though, because when you get the best VPN for Android, your experience with your phone takes a completely different spin.

Now let’s examine what it’s like with a VPN

You download and install a VPN onto your Android (trust us, it’s easy) and straight away you’ll be able to benefit from its protection. A VPN works by hiding your IP address and lets you log on to the internet from a different one. So now, when you go online to post something on the ‘gram, talk to friends or send files, you’ll be completely protected.

No cybercriminals will be able to see where you’re coming online from, and they won’t be able to trace you or your details. With advanced security technology in-built into VPNs, you’ll also have an added layer of security to keep you safe online. Now, your initial Android unveiling is a lot better, isn’t it?

So, how does it work?

  1. Download a VPN, install it, and from the menu, you’ll see a selection of different server locations. These are based all around the world, and there are thousands to choose from.
  2. Select a server and then tap the big ‘go’ button.
  3. You’ll now be using a different IP address – a good test is to go to a search engine and have a look at the country code to check that it’s working.
  4. You can use the internet just as before, safe behind the VPN.

But there is more

News of the World, starring Tom Hanks, on Netflix – but not in US

With so many different servers to choose from, you’ll be able to find the fastest speeds too. And everybody loves fast speeds. You can explore the servers, try out the speeds and save your favourite ones, so the next time you’re streaming or gaming on your Android phone you’ll be able to do it furiously fast.

Speaking of streaming, did you know that VPNs help you to access more content? As you’ll be using the VPN and a new IP address, it’ll appear as if you’re online from a completely different location. By now, you probably know that Netflix has a huge library of shows that are only accessible in the US. Or some, like Tom Hanks’ latest film News of the World, that open up first in Europe but not the US or Canada.

Change your server to one from America and ta-da! You’ve just opened up new boxsets to keep you busy. This also works on different websites that your ISP might block – just change the location and see what else the web has to offer.

Put off by public wi-fi? As a rule, you should be. It’s not a safe bet to use public wi-fi when you’re out and about. Even one that could be titled “I’m free and safe to use, believe me” – don’t buy into it. Even the ones at restaurants and cafes can be circumspect. With a VPN though, you can again protect yourself and use the wi-fi with no potential harm coming your way.

Whether you’re getting a new Android phone from best smartphone awards shortlist, or just happy using your current one, a VPN can play a key role in keeping it safe, secure and anonymous. And did we mention it’s good to use a screen protector?

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