Amazon’s 3D smartphone launching this Autumn, says report

Saqib Shah
April 14, 2014

Following months of rumour and speculation, a new report now claims to know the details regarding Amazon’s new smartphone – and its release date could be as soon as this Autumn.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon has been demonstrating the smartphone for developers amidst tight security in San Francisco in recent weeks and plans to announce the device as soon as this June.

Slated to begin shipping toward the end of September, the phone will reportedly feature four front-facing cameras or sensors to track the user’s gaze, and offer a glasses-free 3D-viewing experience.

The 3D screen technology is said to be capable of tracking the movement of the user’s eye and move the screen accordingly. Also, the smartphone will be able to zoom automatically into images as it moves close to a user’s face and could manipulate text and images along with the movement of the phone.

Such 3D technology would be ideal for gaming. The smartphone’s software is believed to be optimised for visual games.

The report adds that the first order of handsets will be for 600,000 units, with Japan Display serving as at least one of the device’s component manufacturers.

What hasn’t thus far been revealed is what operating system the phone will use or which network operators Amazon is working with.

Analysts such as KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo had previously made a rough estimate as to the release date of the phone, which aligns with the information in this new report.

Although Kuo had also stated that the device will feature six cameras (although perhaps Amazon modifyd the design since then) and there was no mention of the 3D functionality.


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