5 cool things to do with your smartphone

Thomas Wellburn
June 9, 2015

Smartphones are pretty incredible devices. They act as a hub for everything we hold dear and allow us to talk with people at other ends of the globe. I use my smartphone every day, yet I’m fairly certain there are still various features left untapped.

That’s exactly why I’ve decided to give a run-down of the top five things you didn’t know your smartphone could do. Whether it be simple apps or crazy peripherals, prepare to see a few things that you might not realise even existed. Lets begin:

Catch fish


Fishing is a relaxing past-time that is difficult to master. Catching that record-breaking bass is a challenge for anybody, especially when you have no idea what you’re doing. Usually, a quiet, reflective fishing session would be reason to leave your smartphone at home€¦ but maybe next time you should consider bringing it along.

It just so happens that Deeper Fish Finder is the perfect companion for sniffing out those giant sea monsters. Looking like a giant spherical ball of doom, you simply attach it to a fishing line and cast it into the ocean floor. The device can work to a depth of 120 feet and will seek out your prized fish using sonar technology. Even better, you get a handy visual display on your phone showing the exact position of all your potential prizes, meaning you’ll become a legendary fisherman in no time.

Adopt a digital pet for your child


With the average child so engrossed in technology that it’s near impossible to pry your iPod front their small, fragile hands, parents need to find an alternative that combines the best of both worlds. We want our kids to enjoy their childhood and not get sucked in from such a young age. Enjoy cuddly toys and action figures once-in-a-while!

Well it just so happens that there’s a suitable compromise that combines both technology and childhood. The Wise Pet Tablet Protector acts as a fully interactive cuddly toy that talks and interacts with your child using the installed app. Simply put your phone/tablet in the cover, install the app and presto! Perfect entertainment for the children.

Act as a speed camera


Sick of those boy racers speeding through your street with their music blaring? You’re not alone. If the police won’t do anything, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. With the simple Speed Gun app, you can catch them out while breaking the law and give your quiet, scenic community some much needed peace and quiet.

The app works exactly like you’d expect a speed gun to work, with a speed measurement calculated as the vehicle passes by. It’s also fairly accurate too, meaning you’ll have concrete evidence when you take the chavs to court and attempt a prosecution.

Become Predator


Remember the classic Predator films of the 80’s where they faced an unstoppable alien hunter with all kinds of sic-fi technology? Of course, you do. Well, one of the best weapons in his arsenal was the ability to see in the dark using thermal vision, a special imaging camera that casts everything in varying shades of coloured hues ranging from blue to red.

You can get novelty apps for your smartphone which simulate this technology but wouldn’t it be great if you could do it for real? Well, with the FLIR ONE add-on, it’s now possible to be your very own Predator. This iPhone case converts your device into a fully functional thermal imaging sensor, so you can stalk your friends and check your double glazing.

Check your alcohol levels


Getting brutally drunk is standard British past-time for many, but what happens when you need to drive to work? In the event you get mortally wrecked on a sunday night, you might need to make a hungover drive to the office the following day. If you’re not content with pulling a sickie, you could be putting yourself in the firing line for a drunk driving arrest, as alcohol takes 11 hours for a modest drinking session to leave your system.

Thankfully, there’s a handy smartphone solution to ensure that you don’t get caught out by those pesky rozzers. With the new Bluetooth BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyser, you can measure your alcohol levels and see detailed visual feedback on your smartphone display. The included app will predict how long it’ll take for your levels to return to 0%, so you can rest assured that you’re safe to be behind the wheel again.

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