Boiler Room to launch virtual reality music service

Thomas Wellburn
October 26, 2016

Boiler Room, an online music broadcasting platform specialising in underground dance music, is building a dedicated VR venue to help viewers feel more in touch with the performance.

Initially starting as an underground music channel where events were streamed using Logitech webcams, the site has now amassed a worldwide following which it aims to capitalise by introducing virtual reality. The site is currently working with Inception, an international VR firm with ties to Oculus, to develop a venue which will allow viewers to experience the Boiler Room in full 360-degree virtual reality.

Boiler Room stated in a press release: “We’ve always been driven by using technology to showcase the music we care about and give fans all around the world an authentic experience of the events and scenes they can’t be part of in person.”

This is not the first time that the site has toyed with the idea of VR, when earlier this year it posted a 360 degree video of a Run The Jewels gig. The service is due to launch in 2017 and will initially only be available through the Inception application, though Boiler Room has said said that they intend to make the videos more widely available.

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