Minimalist Website Design – Everything That Matters

Kritika Garg
May 19, 2020

Minimalism never goes out of style!

The concept of minimalism is to eliminate all elements except for the essential ones. Minimalism directly conveys a message without any irrelevant noise or friction. That way the focus is free from any distraction. From painting to sculpture and home decor – minimalism pervades everywhere.

Naturally, how can the Digi-world stay far away when all other domains are adopting this trend! From logo design to website design – minimalism is covering them all. In fact, even the professionals from any website design company prefer to use this design due to its visually appealing and user-friendly attributes.

Though this design looks simple, minimalism is poles apart from anything simplistic. In fact, a lot of research and creativity goes into a minimalistic design.

Today, we will discuss how to master the art of minimalist web design. But before getting into that, let’s quickly check an overview of the basics of this design. If you are already introduced to this, you may skip this part and jump into the mastering tactics.

Let’s proceed then.

Minimalist Web Design – The Starting Point

A website is your trusted executive that works 24/7 for your company to welcome your leads and give them a tour to your products and services.

Now, here’s a striking fact: people, on an average, spend about 0.05 second (we mean, 50 milliseconds!) on a website to form an opinion whether to stay or leave the site. There’re a lot of things you may do to reduce site friction and enhance user-experience. And minimalistic design has a crucial role to play in this. In such a design, the most essential elements are presented while merely decorative or irrelevant elements are discarded. That way the users’ focus won’t get distracted.

Okay, now comes the most interesting part…

…How to Master Minimalistic Web Design 

1. Mind the Visuals

When it comes to visuals, you have to be extremely minute and specific. All the visual elements should serve a purpose and contribute to creating a wholesome picture.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it act as a shape divider?
  • Does it grab people’s eye – will it compel the users to navigate your site?
  • Does it highlight the main information?

Every illustration, image, visual element, and shape should have a purpose. Take the following elements for example:

Images and Videos

Your homepage need not be cluttered with numerous images. You can feature a single image but it should convey a really strong message or instantly grab eyeballs. You can also include a minimalistic video to achieve the same result. Just make sure that the images and videos are optimized enough so as not to affect the page loading speed. You may engage a professional website development company to take care of it.

The most prominent form of minimal web design features a hero image and hero text in focus. So, let’s learn something about the text.


Text is a reliable way to convey your message but there’s a catch. If your web page is cluttered with tons of words, no one is going to read it. This will only disgust them and contribute to increasing the bounce rate.

As a thumb rule, don’t let the words overpower the page design. Use these as less as possible and only include the essential info.

In fact, the experts at any leading website design company in India suggest you create dedicated pages for products, services, and about us info instead of cluttering the home page. You may always seek professional assistance from such an agency but before finalizing a company, it’s better to talk to the executives about the website design cost. After all, you sure don’t want to be surprised with any hidden charges later!

Background Image

If you want, you may use a monochrome background image with a striking text copy on it. But the copy has to be really catchy to compel people to scroll further. In fact, this sums up the entire principle of minimalistic website design.

 2. Use Negative Space

Also known as the white space, this feature is the best way to drive users’ focus to a particular content. Remember, users’ attention can be vulnerable and easily drift from one thing to another. If you want them to focus on a key element, white space is your weapon!

3. Check Colour & Contrast 

Last but not least, colour contrast plays a significant role in minimalism. Use of the right colours creates visual interest while capturing and directing the users’ attention in a way that doesn’t require additional graphics or elements.

However, make sure to limit the use of colours. Monochrome or the use of two to three key colours is enough if these colours are visually appealing. But as we mentioned earlier, minimalistic design is far from being simplistic – so it’s better not to think that you can use just any and every colour and your website will display a state-of-the-art minimalistic design!

There’s yet another factor to consider once it comes to the matter of colour selection. Providing a soothing effect to the users’ eyes and complementing the design are all very well, but you need to bear in mind the purpose of your website and the message you want to convey to the visitors while selecting the colour.

For instance, green can be a suitable colour for finance or a health company’s website. Also, you should know that purple and blue colours have a calming effect while red, orange, and yellow colours have a warm appeal. These aspects will come in handy while designing a website.

Don’t you also think that it’s better to consult a website development company in India to stay stress-free? Yeah, so do we! 

Quick Wrap Up

Minimalist website design produces a win-win situation for both businesses and customers. Clean and obstacle-free design with a central focus allows users to quickly find the information they need. This may turn them into quality leads and customers – the ultimate objective of the site owners. And if you engage professional SEO services India, expanding your audience base is only a matter of time!

What’s the purpose of this piece of information?” – this is the starting point of minimalistic web design. Now, the “less is more” approach is sometimes a bit complex. As an owner, all information may seem to be precious to you. That’s why you better seek assistance from a professional community. Are you concerned about the cost? Here, take a look at approximate website design in India price. However, this may vary based on your project. So, communicate your unique requirement and get the exact quote.

Got something to add to the list? Go on, feel free to share in the comment box below.

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