Android: A Dessert That Keeps Getting Better

Patrick Robinson
May 19, 2020

Android 10 (Android Q) was officially released by Google on September 3, 2019, at Google I/O 2019 event. This is the first time Android has discontinued naming its OS after the desserts and will be following the number sequence.

Dominating the global mobile OS market, Android has progressively become the most popular OS around the world. Today Android is almost everywhere, it powers devices ranging from phones to tablets, to TVs and smartwatches.

With this amazing journey of launching 10 different flavors of operating systems, Android has a story to tell us. With its inception, acquisition, innovation, and disruption, Android has truly revolutionized the open-source software industry.

Let us deep dive to understand how Android has evolved over the years and how it has got better with every new release.

The Evolution of Android Infographic
[Infographic] Android: A Dessert That Keeps Getting Better by Scalefusion Android MDM

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