5 Reasons Mobile Gaming and Sports Betting Work Well Together

Emilla Koistinen
July 20, 2020

With technology making its way into almost every aspect of modern life, it’s no surprise that new tech and sports betting are becoming very interlinked. Developments in mobile technology have allowed betting fans to engage with their favourite sports in different ways – from the latest odds which you can check here to player performances and match results. Indeed, sports betting has become far more similar to mobile gaming, compared to the slow grind it used to be. Here are five reasons why it works…

Instant gratification

If there is one thing sports fans love its excitement of live events, with their favourite games often providing nail-biting moments of tension.

Mobile betting allows these live events to hold much more weight for the punter, who can receive instant feedback on how their bet is going and the likelihood of whether it will pay off. Mobile gaming apps have allowed for cash-out options for players to receive smaller winnings earlier if they see fit.

In the know

The arrival of data streaming and speedy Wi-Fi connections allows sports fans to follow games and events live, with sites and apps often providing live statistics so betting fans can gauge what they should and should not bet on during a match.

For sports fans, keeping up to date is vital for knowing how a bet is going to play out and how easily a game can change. This technological advancement has been key to the unprecedented growth of sports betting and its accessibility.

No travel

Mobile devices have allowed us to access the internet and other services while on the go, but often sports fans enjoy games from the comfort of their own homes.

With mobile technology, the necessity to go out to real-world bookies is eliminated, allowing the spectators to place bets from the comfort of their own abode with no extra inconvenience.

This enhances the sports fans experience and allows them freedom of the complete range of options from one device.


Sports and advertising have gone together for as long as many of us can remember but betting companies – especially those who specialise in the mobile area of the industry – have had a massive effect on everything from stadium boards and kits to TV and radio ads.

In particular, during a live sports game betting companies will often advertise odds of the coinciding event, encouraging fans to take a chance of winning some money while enjoying the very same spectacle they were already watching.

And even culture

Mobile betting has no doubt changed the culture surrounding sports and the people involved in it. Nowadays, there are internet-based shows and segments on TV that are specifically about sports betting and how fans can easily get involved.

A lot has been done to humanize betting within sports to the point it’s now become an ingrained part of the sporting culture and just another facet to a range of ways fans can feel more involved with the games and events that go on.

With all of that in mind, it’s fair to say mobile gaming and sports betting have merged to create a new frontier in fan engagement.

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