Ways to Keep Your Android Smartphone Working Well and What to Do If It Dies

Arsal Veli
February 22, 2019

Android smartphones gained popularity in 2008 when the first Android smartphone was launched by HTC. HTC named that phone HTC Dream and that mobile phone proved to be a big success for Android OS. Since then, Android phones gained popularity and now we have two major competitors in the mobile phone industry; Android phones and iPhones. Android phones were the most selling mobile phones in 2018 and also in the years before. This gained popularity of Android phones is because of the amazing performance that these mobile phones show.

People all over the world love to have and use Android mobile phones. Various mobile phone brands are launching mobile phones with Android OS every year, including; Samsung, Huawei, LG, Asus, HTC, etc. These mobile phone brands launch their mobile phones with Android OS as this OS is considered as the most adored OS alongside Apple’s iOS. You can use android for work as well, as the Android mobile phones are capable of performing every official or daily chore. Other than being the best OS available for the users, you might find many issues in the Android mobile phones as time passes by. Some of the issues might be related to the mobile phone itself, but various problems are diagnosed in Android mobile phones because of the glitches in the Android OS updates.

Glitches in Android Mobile Phones:

The glitches might be diagnosed at any instance in your Android device but the good news is that you can fix many of the glitches yourself. If you use Android for work purposes then these glitches might cause you much problem as official tasks are important and they need to be completed before the deadlines. You might face some issues while using Android for work if any glitch appears. There are certain common glitches that Android users usually face while using their mobile phones. Below we have mentioned those glitches along with their solutions:

Android File Transfer Not Working

It usually happens in the Android devices that sometimes android file transfer stops working. But what really causes Android file transfer not to work? It might happen that you are trying to transfer file from Android to Mac; in such case, the transfer can’t take place without the help of the Android File Transfer application. To resolve the issue in this case, you should install the Android File Transfer application first on your Mac and then transfer the files. There might be other issues related to Android file transfer not working issue, below are some of the things that you need to do:

  • Activate or allow the android device to transfer files.
  • Don’t use a defected USB cable
  • Check the compatibility of your Android device and Mac with Android File Transfer
  • Check if the USB port of your PC/Mac or Android device isn’t damaged

Check all of the points mentioned above whether you are transferring files from android device to your PC or Mac. If you have checked all of the things mentioned above then it might happen that the USB port of your Android phone or PC is damaged. If such is the case then the only options for you are to get your phone repaired or sell your phone to upgrade to a better model.

Bluetooth Not Working in Android:

Is Bluetooth not working in your Android device? Android mobile phones are much prone to Bluetooth malfunction. The issues related to Bluetooth of your Android device might be caused by various reasons. But the most common reason is because of the Android OS installed in your Android mobile phone. It might have happened that you updated your Android mobile phone to a newer version of Android and that might have caused the Bluetooth to stop working in your mobile phone. Well to overcome this problem, you might follow some easy steps and these would hopefully help you:

Toggle Bluetooth Connection: Slide down the notification bar tap the Bluetooth icon to turn it off wait for 10 seconds tap the Bluetooth icon again to turn it on try to pair with another device.

Reboot The Device: Press and hold the power button of your device tap on ‘Power off’ to power off your device once it is powered off press and hold the power button again until the logo appears on the display check if the Bluetooth is working or not.

Un-pair All Devices: Open setting app tap on connections tap and open Bluetooth menu turn on the Bluetooth un-pair every existing device individually turn off the Bluetooth turn on the Bluetooth again pair the desired device.

Clear Bluetooth Cache: Open setting app open application manager tap on Bluetooth tap on Force Stop tap on clear cache and then tap on OK.

Check for software update.

Factory Reset: Open settings open back up and reset tap on Factory Reset.

These are some of the practices that you can follow, but if Bluetooth is still not working in your android then you must consider selling your mobile phone.

Messenger Not Working On Android: 

This is another common issue that the messenger is not working on the Android device. If such is the case with your mobile phone then you can follow some easy steps to overcome this issue and fix your Android phone yourself. If the messenger is not working on your android device then you don’t have to worry and open the Google Play Store to check if it needs to be updated. If it needs an update, put it on an update and try to open it once it is updated. If not, you can go to Google Play Store find the Lite version of messenger and download it on your Android device. Some of the Android devices show problems in launching the original messenger app but the Lite version works just as fine on them.

If this problem still persists on your mobile phone then you should consider changing your mobile phone and go for an upgrade.

Above mentioned are some of the most common issues that you might find in your Android phone. You can follow the steps to keep your Android smartphone working well. If under certain circumstances, your Android phone doesn’t respond to the solutions discussed above or if it goes dead then the best option for you is to sell your android mobile phone at a mobile phone recycling platform.

Sell Your Android Mobile Phone:

Mobile phone recycling platforms are the best options for you if you are looking forward to selling your mobile phone. We say this thing as mobile phone recycling platforms provide the customers with the best price quotes for phone recycling. The best option for you here is to use mobile phone recycling comparison website to compare the price quotes offered by different mobile phone recycling platforms in the UK and sell your phone to the best one. The mobile phone recycling platforms are considered as the best mobile phone selling websites as they recycle mobile phones properly in an environmentally friendly manner. Moreover, these mobile phone recycling platforms provide users with accurate price quotes for their mobile phones and provide customers with instant cash against their mobile phones. The mobile phone recycling platform sends you the payment as soon as they receive a mobile phone.

Final Verdict:

If you are facing any of the issues discussed above with your Android mobile phone, then we suggest you not to wait any further and sell your mobile phone right away!

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