Revealed: quirks and habits that split Android users from iPhone users

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February 19, 2019

  • New research has been conducted into habits and choices that distinguish Android users from iPhone users
  • iPhone users more likely to be family orientated
  • Android users more likely to struggle with social skills

Are you an iPhone or Android? It’s a topic that often divides workplaces, friendship circles and even families.

New research conducted by mobile phone insurance provider, Better Buy Insurance, using data collected by YouGov, sheds light on what kind of people are more inclined to be an iPhone or an Android fan.

Both platforms enjoy cult followings, and many would steadfastly refuse to switch from what they’re familiar with.

Those split loyalties also exist between other rival products, such as Pepsi or Coke, or Nike or Adidas, and many cite factors behind their decision to pick one over the other, but what are the personality traits associated with this extreme phone brand loyalty?

You are 18% more likely to meet a female iPhone user, though there is no discernible difference in age between each platform’s users.

The data reveals that iPhone users are generally more family-orientated, being 18% more likely to ‘value family over everything’ than Android users. And iPhone users appear to take their responsibility as parents more seriously, as they are 10% more likely than Android users to list failing their children as one of their biggest fears

iPhone users are 10% more likely to think it’s important that their families approve of their partners, whereas Android users are 7% more likely to think that marriage is an outdated institution and 8% are more likely to see it as a waste of time altogether.

There is perhaps a link from this aspect of life to the next statistic, which suggests that Android users are 11% more likely to feel they have poor social skills and 6% less concerned about fitting in with society.

iPhone users are more likely to think of themselves as well dressed (12%), while Android users are 6% more likely to leave the house without looking their best.

 iPhone users are 8% more likely to have expensive tastes and are more likely to shop with brands like M&S (9%) and ASOS (6%), while Android users are more likely to buy clothes from George (6%). iPhone users are more likely to pop out for a cheeky Nando’s (5%), while you’re more likely to see Android users grabbing a Greggs (10%).

Better Buy Insurance Sales & Marketing Director, Gary Beeston, said: “While, of course, your phone doesn’t – and shouldn’t – define you, it’s impossible to deny that there are some interesting and amusing correlations surrounding somebody’s choice of handset.

“What’s most clear, however, is that the iPhone v Android debate will most likely never be settled!”

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