Uncommon Marketing Strategies to Kick-start your start-up

Kritika Garg
November 13, 2019

Do you want your start-up to hit the big league and become a success story? Remember, start-ups, in general, have a high failure rate – 90% (Source: owing to various reasons – lack of focus, failure to follow the market trend, premature scaling, lack of marketing, etc. In this blog, we will discuss a few uncommon marketing strategies that can give a push to your start-up. Further, since the marketing strategies would require considerable expertise to implement and derive the right outcomes, you may contact the experts of an experienced internet marketing agency.

Uncommon Marketing Strategies that You may Adopt

In the following passages, we will explore a few uncommon tricks that can help to expand your audience base. All you need is to be more creative with out-of-the-box thinking.

Launch a Referral Program

Referral marketing is the key to build a consumer base for your start-up. This is a method to promote your products or services to prospective consumers through referrals, usually the word of mouth way. According to a recent survey, around 92% of customers trust referrals from the people they know (Source: Nielsen). Moreover, in order to let your customers promote your products or services, you may reward them through discounts or cash backs.

Further, since a referral program is trackable, you can measure its impact using referral analytics and figure out what works best in generating more leads for your business.

Attend Trade Shows

Connecting with influential people/communities can accrue major benefits for your company. By leveraging the relationship with them, you can promote your brand, products or services at various conferences and trade shows.

Get Featured in Major Publications

Getting featured in a renowned publication can lead to a massive spike in traffic. Here, you can build a relationship with a publication house and share content in the form of blogs and articles related to your niche. However, ensure that the content is not overwhelmingly promotional. Once you grow a bonding with the publication house, you may be able to announce features through its forum and derive more traffic.

Connect with Another Brand

By building a partnership with another company, preferably a large one, you can draw a bigger audience. For instance, during the release of Android 4.4, the Android developers set up a partnership with the chocolate company KitKat. The collaboration helped both of them to reach new consumers. Similarly, a strategic partnership can immensely help your brand to gain better visibility in the marketplace. However, availing digital marketing services from a reputed digital marketing agency can be beneficial in this regard since the latter can suggest you the brand(s) you should collaborate with.

Use the Brand for a Social Cause

Using one’s brand for a social cause is a prevalent marketing strategy in contemporary times. For example, Amdev’s Antarctica Beer allowed its consumers to scan the cans for a free train ride. It caused a stir in the news and brought the company to the limelight. Similarly, you can associate with a social cause to gain visibility and build equity for your brand.


In the competitive world of business, your start-up, be it providing web development services or any other thing, needs to be promoted and nurtured with carefully crafted marketing strategies. Hence, instead of spending bucks on traditional forms of advertising, better explore the above-mentioned creative ideas to grow your start-up. However, make sure you contact a reputed internet marketing agency to save costs and make a better impact on the ground.

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