Top 4 fun mobile gadgets this Christmas

Thomas Wellburn
December 19, 2016

There’s plenty of mobile gadgets out there and admittedly, it can be hard to decide between them. We got a lot of presents this year here at What Mobile HQ, so here’s a rundown of the best quirky gifts we could find.

Perfect Bake Smart Scale and App

Available at Mobile Fun for £49.99

Baking is a bit of an artform. While we can all comfortable make some cakes and pastry without too much effort, wouldn’t it be great to take the guesswork out of measuring the exact amounts needed for the perfect desert? The Perfect Bake could be the answer, shipping with a mobile app that contains 100’s of recipes and the exact measurements needed to guarantee perfection. While most of this could be worked out for yourself and it a gimmick, we respect the idea here. In our test it definitely made things easier… it’s just a shame it can’t bake the food as well.

Luckies Universal Smartphone Hologram viewer

Available at Mobile Fun for £9.99

The Luckies Hologram viewer is a simple and fun gadget that does exactly what it says on the box, displays a hologram using your smartphone and a specially constructed piece of plastic glass. Simply download the app and pic from plenty of preset images, or better yet, create your own from scratch. Custom text can also be added if you want to make a quirky floating image, with the choice of various fonts and colours. While the end result isn’t exactly incredible, it is nonetheless a true 3D hologram that can be viewed from multiple angles. Just make sure to turn the lights off for best effect.

Autonect ProLink OBD Real-Time Car Diagnostics

Available at Mobile Fun for £29.99

The Autonect ProLink is a pretty interesting mobile gadget that connects to the diagnostics connector usually found under the steering wheel of your car. From there, you can pair it to any mobile device and get real-time telemetry and failure information direct. You’ll be able to monitor trips and fuel usage, plus schedule breakdown repairs as soon as a fault is found. If you’re a keen motorist who likes to keep tabs on his repair bill and monitor what’s going on under the hood, the Autonect is a very intriguing choice.

BeeWi Athlete Bluetooth App Controlled Mini Robot

Available at Mobile Fun for £14.99

The BeeWi Bot is a fun little Bluetooth controlled toy that is made to be played with friends. Shipping with a net and ball in the box, you can have your very own game of football (soccer if you’re an American) right on the kitchen table. The controls can be quite hard to get a hang of and we found it varies depending on the surface. Sometimes your little bot friend will move around uncontrollably while on other occasions you’ll feel like David Beckham circa 1998. While it’s not the cheapest toy in the world, the BeeWi Athlete really comes alive when you have multiple units on the field, quickly descending into a manic game of table football. One for the family.

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