Top iPhone 7 smartphone cases this christmas

Thomas Wellburn
December 15, 2016

We got a bunch of different smartphone cases for the iPhone 7 this Christmas; too many to list in a single piece. Rather than fire them off one-by-one, we’ve gone through and gathered our top picks. Here’s our rundown of the best cases money can buy:

GEAR4 Black Soho

Available at GEAR4 for £34.99

The GEAR4 Black Soho uses the company’s latest D30 impact technology, a material which is found in American Football helmets. Offering wrap-around rubber protection mixed with durable D30 plastic, its a good mix of lightweight material and protection.


GEAR4 Black Carnaby

Available at GEAR4 for £34.99

Much like the GEAR4 Black Soho before it, the Carnaby uses similar materials plus their D30 technology for lightweight, durable protection. Finished off with rubber trim, it should withstand plenty of wear before you need to replace it.


X-Doria Defense Lux

9.5 x 6.2 x 2.2 cm – Available at X-Doria for £28.00

The X-Doria Defense Lux is a pretty impressive combination of style and protection. Featuring wrap-around metal with a thick rubber inside, it exceeds military drop standards and can withstand a drop from over 6 feet onto concrete. We were particularly fond of the locking mechanism on the bottom, which gives the handset a secure fit whilst also making it easy to remove.


X-Doria Defense Gear

Available at X-Doria for £28.00

Another great addition to the X-Doria Defense range, the Gear provides plenty of materials to help keep your phone safe. Produced using a combination of metal, plastic and rubber, the Gear is a durable case that is also tested to the military grade standard.


Tech21 Impact Clear

Available at Apple for £29.95

Tech21 continues to innovate with their impressive line of smartphone protection and the Impact Clear is one of their newest products which demonstrates this. With a transparent and understated finish, you won’t even realise it’s on your iPhone 7 while using it.


Cygnett RealCurve

Available at Cygnett for £15.99

The Cygnett RealCurve isn’t exactly a case but we decided to include it anyway because the implementation is pretty different to other protective accessories we’ve seen. Sitting half way between a smartphone case and screen protector, the RealCurve is an Edge to Edge Tempered Glass design which covers the majority of the front. As the iPhone 7 has an all-glass front that is prone to cracking beyond the panel, it makes sense to provide protection for the whole thing. While there are other screen protectors out there that offer the same level of coverage, the Cygnett sets itself apart by offering 9H hardness which is the highest level of glass protection available.


FLAVR Christmas Themed Cases

Available at Carphone Warehouse for £19.99

Last but not least, we have a special one for Christmas! FLAVR has released a bunch of cases especially for the festive season and we got one in to take a look at. Each comes in customised packaging which resembles a Christmas card, so you can give them some seasons greetings as well! The primary material for this case is durable rubber , which feels a bit flimsy but could probably withstand the odd drop or two.


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