The greatest mobile phone apps of all time

Hanz Akylieus
August 9, 2019

When you take a moment to think about it and
assess how far we’ve really come in a short amount of time, the technological
advancements in our mobile phones have been, frankly, nothing short of amazing.

From surfing online, to ordering yourself a taxi, to buying your family relative a birthday present, to playing various games such as those at where you can play on your mobile phone the options available to us are vast. We’re spoilt, we really are and things only appear to be getting more advanced, with new applications and software entering this sphere at a rapid rate.

The days of Snake on your brick-like device are long gone, with mobile phones looking slicker than ever before and the software and functionality generally delivering too. One of the biggest introductions has been the accessibility to new applications at the touch of a button, therefore adding another string to your phone’s already impressive bow and allowing you to explore this relatively new world of mobile apps and what they entail.

As with anything though, you have to sift
through the dirt before finding a few gems out there. There are bundles of apps. Millions, probably. That
is why we decided to put together a list of the greatest mobile phone apps of
all time, as we tip our hat in a show of appreciation to what is an amazing
little device.


Everyone uses Google, right? Whether you’re
searching for a nearby Italian restaurant or trying to track a package using
your voice, the Google app pretty much has it all. The app basically allows
users to have full-fledged conversations with their phone. It’s just like Siri,
except it connects with your Google accounts. Weird but amazing.

Google Chrome

An upgrade from the default browser Safari,
Google Chrome can sync your history and bookmarks across devices and includes
features like search bar autocomplete and unlimited tab functionality.


Everyone has a Facebook account, don’t they? The
hugely popular social network is a must-have for nearly everyone, especially as
many other apps connect through Facebook to acquire important information.


Whether you’re watching some of YouTube’s biggest stars or
searching for a video on how to change a lightbulb, YouTube is a brilliant app
to have on your mobile phone. YouTube used to come with your phone, but with
iOS 6, Apple removed it. Luckily, Google brought it back. The legends.


With a huge library of stickers that include
your Bitmoji, the Bitmoji app allows you to create and then customise your very
own avatar, from hair and eye colour to outfits and accessories. You can also
send dozens of personalised emojis through any application that supports the
copy/paste feature, alongside having the ability to link it to SnapChat too.


owned by Facebook, Instagram
is the go-to social media network for
sharing pictures and using their vast array of filters on offer, too.


With more than 250 million users worldwide,
Skype is a service which allows a user to make free voice and video calls. Yes,
they’re free. Pretty amazing, right?


A great choice for anyone who doesn’t have
unlimited texts and spends a lot of time connected to Wi-Fi, WhatsApp allows
you to send and receive messages, pictures, video messages and audio notes.


A hugely popular dating app, Tinder shows a user someone’s picture and age with a snippet of information alongside it, with the choice being to rate the person by swiping left – if they aren’t for you, or right – if they are

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