7 Ways to Boost Your Social Branding

Gaurav Gupta
August 9, 2019

How do you increase your sales? It’s a well-known fact that the number of people knows your brand, the more products/services you will sell. And, the best and easiest way to create brand awareness is by creating a name on social media.

When it comes to social media, everybody believes they know enough about it to plan out an effective strategy to get more traction. Now, the hurdle that new brands face initially is making a name. Well-established brands like Nike just need to make an account and write #JustDoIt in its bio to attract a good number of followers ‘ for a new brand, execution needs a lot of research and planning.

Social media has multiple channels ‘ this is the first step that you need to carry out- Choose the right networks. This primarily depends on the type of organization you have. For instance, if it’s B2C, it is better to make your profile on Instagram or Facebook and if it’s B2B, then LinkedIn is a better channel to get you more business. Having said that, it is always good to have a profile on all the networks ‘ to choose any platform according to the needs of the target audience.

Here, find out the 7 easy steps to build and improve your organization’s social branding:

Visuals always work better

Creating good graphical content is the most preferred way to increase brand awareness. There’s no doubt in saying that visuals have more potential in engaging more audience. Every user today is looking out for something that’s share-worthy. Text-only posts have significantly lower engagement than visuals- videos or images.

While doing visual branding, many companies often tend to neglect the importance of creating unique content ‘ this plays a vital role in standing out from the crowd.

Make sure you have a well-researched social media strategy that decides on the theme and type of visual content. Your visuals should be enough to identify your brand.

Infographics look visually appealing and tend to give more information in less time ‘ many find infographics easier to understand than text-only posts.

Create good videos that are short, engaging and make your customers aware of your product/service- like a How-to video.

Here, creativity is the only answer to all your questions. Learn graphics though the online Design courses and tutorials.

Great and Unique content is the key

Have you thought why pages with memes work so well? That is because the audience wants to read them, comment on them and share them across platforms.

In order to drive traffic to your profile/website, one thing that you always need to keep in mind is ‘ build content that is from good to great. One unique post enables you to share it on multiple social media platforms ‘ it gives high recall value ‘ people tend to remember you by your posts.

Remember, content should certainly be based on what your audience needs. So, RESEARCH WELL and never post anything without your brand logo!

Decide on your brand’s voice

The type of tone your brand tries to showcase is what takes it forward. It could be highly formal and educational or humorous and educational ‘ this would wholly depend on the type of brand you are and the section of the audience you are trying to target.

In order to develop a consistent brand voice, you need to focus on a few important steps:

  • Analyze and research on the background of your brand
  • Listen to your audience
  • Try to be unique
  • A different voice on a different channel
  • Most importantly, be flexible

Brands, at different times, feel the need to make amends to their social media strategies ‘ mold your strategy just the way your audience does.

Keep your social media alive

You can have amazing content be it text or visual, but the moment you stop posting regularly, you start losing followers.

To build a name on social media, it’s significant to post regularly. It’s ideal for a brand to do the R&D a month before, decide on the dates and keep posting according to their social media calendar.

If you only post once a week, your audience is likely to lose interest in your page. Ideally, posting once every day would get you good engagement, shares, and traffic. Going through your insights is the best way to find out who your active followers are and what time is the best time for your brand to post on each network.

Connect with influencers

Influencer marketing is the new trend and one of the quickest ways to gain traction. The first problem that you may counter while doing is ‘ finding out the correct influencer. Today, every Instagrammer is an ‘influencer’- find one with around 1M followers, who’s active, engaging and authentic. Ask him/her to review your product/service or add links to your website or blogs ‘ even before you start with social media, make sure you take Web Development Services for a well-developed website. This way you get an increase in followers as well as your sales.

An influencer helps your brand earn the trust that every new brand is looking out for.

Onboard more and more influencers, collaborate with them to promote your brand and ask them to tag/mention you on their post.

Engage your audience

The frequency of your posts is not the only way to engage your audience. There are several other ways to keep them hooked. Look how Netflix does it ‘ they comment, which is always welcomed and appreciated.

Post stories and ask them questions or create a poll on Facebook or Instagram. Replying to the comments of your followers would help you retain them and give them a fun experience. Being a little funny with your audience sometimes would not hurt.

Encourage sharing and asking questions to your viewers keeps them engaged.

Hashtags play an essential role in inviting more traffic. Do good research on the most-used hashtags. Use them whenever required on any relevant post. Correct hashtags make your posts look professional and can open doors to all types of audience.

Create contests

One of the best ways to grow your follower base is by preparing contests that would interest them. Define your audience, your primary purpose to hold the contest – Build your email list, boost engagement, increase brand value, convert followers into sales, convert inactive followers into active and loyal followers or marketing a new product/service – and then finally go about creating a contest that makes them compete and boost engagement.

Keep posting stories to remind them to enter into the contest and offer a good prize to attract inactive/new followers. Holding a contest is a two-way street ‘ you give something of value and they give you their engagement.

Besides all of the above-mentioned effective ways to improve your social branding, it’s always better to be precise, to the point in your bio. Tell them what your brand is all about, what you are offering and try to mention links of any new product or service that want to sell or an old product that sells the highest.

If you have a web portal (if you don’t, get it developed today – it is the final page where you would want your follower to land), or are available on any e-commerce sites, make sure you add them on your captions. Talking of captions, good and interactive captions at all times, win. They make your followers feel connected and valuable.

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