Interesting Mobile Apps That Can Earn You Money

Fred Anderson
January 3, 2020

Once upon a time, having a career was all you needed to live an easy life. For the younger generations today, working one job is not enough for either financial reasons or because the sole job doesn’t fulfil life ambitions. This has led to the side-gig economy with people hustling to make a little more cash as a taxi driver (Uber), an e-commerce retailer (Etsy), a bed and breakfast owner (Airbnb) or something else.

Yet, you don’t need to chauffeur people around or sell clothes online to make some extra cash. There are apps that you can use to earn some extra money while doing your regular day job. Here are those apps for you to consider.

1. Gambling and Gaming

Some people choose to earn another income through gambling, although earning extra money this way is not guaranteed and may require you to research blackjack strategies etc. For the gamers rather than the gamblers, there are also apps that will pay you to play games. Sometimes you can find apps that pay in cash, others pay in Amazon vouchers or digital currencies.

2. Paid Tasks and Surveys

Doing surveys online can also end in financial rewards. One app called Swagbucks is especially popular and by doing tasks on their app you can earn vouchers. The types of tasks you will do on Swagbucks for money can vary significantly. One day you could be filling out a survey and the next you could be voting in a poll. You can also play games on Swagbucks to redeem vouchers.

3. Work up a Sweat!

If you are someone who likes to work out each week and go for runs, then we have the app for you. Sweatcoin is an app that will reward your hours in the gym or pounding the pavement with digital coins. Although Sweatcoin doesn’t allow you to change your digital coins into cash, you can spend them at app stores or donate them to charities. Just one more reason to grab your running shoes although you can still earn just from walking around.

4. Mobee

If you are stuck in an office but your dream job was to become a personal shopper, then Mobee may get you halfway to that dream. This app allows you to pick out local retailers and become a mystery shopper at those locations and complete tasks. Once you have done your shopping mission you will receive points that can be swapped for gift cards at popular retailers.

These are just four of the best money-making apps from a wealth of options. If you want more then also check out Crowdville, Offer Up, Task Rabbit, Bookscouter, Decluttr or professional freelancing apps like Upwork’s.

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