Best Companions for the Car: Drive Home Happy

James Patefield
January 3, 2020

Virtually anything you want to do in 2020, we are fairly certain there is an app for it. From ordering dinner to ordering a new sofa, everything can be done within the tap of a thumb. This is all thanks to major developments which have taken place in regard to digitilisation. The automotive industry is no different, with rapid advancements taking place on a continual basis. However, the trusty smartphone has proved itself as an invaluable piece of kit in relation to the driving experience, whether it be simple cost-saving or for entertainment purposes. That said, there are such a copious number of apps on the respective app and android stores that picking the right one can be a complex task.

In this article, Ring Automotive takes us through the best driving apps for the average British driver from the past year€¦


Undoubtedly, parking exists as one of the most infuriating aspects of driving, especially when you spend hours attempting to negotiate a multi-story car park, only to discover the last remaining space has been parked across by a driver who clearly got their licence via a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Just Park offers users the opportunity to choose between millions of parking spaces, both on and off-street. Don’t stress about bringing coins along with you to pop in the meter, as everything can be pre-paid in the app. Furthermore, one of the major drawbacks about multi-story parking complexes, or on-street parking, is if you arrive back late, you are likely to receive a rather hefty fine ‘ not with Just Park however, you’ll be glad to know you can simply jump on the app and extend your stay, all at the click of a button!

Parkopedia is one of the world’s largest online parking booking systems, allowing access to more than 70 million car parking spaces in 89 different countries across the globe. The pre-booking system is easy to use, displaying costs, and real-time parking availability. It’s updated live too, so you won’t arrive and face disappointment when the space has been filled by someone else.

Appy Parking not only includes a range of spaces both on and off-street for its users, it also provides details of a range of electric charging posts, catering for the growing number of EVs in the UK. What’s more, Appy’s unique selling point is the fact it allows you to view the parking space via Google Street View, meaning you can assess the size of the space ‘ perfect if you have an exceptionally big wagon that often struggles with a lack of room. Location services help you locate the space and takes you back to it again once you’ve finished.

We all love something for nothing and that is exactly what parkingperx provides us with. Shop at your favourite outlets, from H&M to Tesco and be rewarded by earning a free park. This simple app has taken the negativity away from shopping on the high street by rewarding users. Find out today whether you can take advantage of some free parking.


Did you know UK drivers lost, on average, 178 hours to congestion in 2018, relating to costs of £1,317 each.

Despite the fact it comes as standard with the vast majority of phones with an android operating system, Google Maps is undeniably one of the best apps in regard to combatting the crippling effects of congestion. Compatible with both Apple Car Play and Android Auto, Maps projects itself onto the digital display providing drivers with a live map that is continually checking for updates. Google’s cleverly developed algorithm successfully recalls all your previous searches, combined with nearby locations, offering suggestions for places to go.

TomTom is the industry leader in regard to satellite navigation. If you’re only using it for up to 50 miles a month it is actually free however, using it more and you’re required to pay for a yearly subscription at £14.99. Not only does the app provide information regarding the position of speed cameras, it also is the only one on the store to provide a detailed reason for the cause of traffic.

Here We Go offers something slightly different to its alternatives in that it can be used offline ‘ with up to date maps of 150 countries, it is the perfect addition for a journey through the countryside that doesn’t offer much in the way of 4G internet signal. Choose between three alternative views: satellite, traffic, and transport.


Not all cars have the luxury of having an innovative lane departure warming system or collision assistance monitor. But iOnRoad is a cheap, app-based alternative that, for its price, more than fills the void and provides brilliant value for money. Colour warning markers identify that you are getting too close to the vehicle in front, while a timer identifies the braking distance between you and the vehicle in front.

Automatic is a simplistic app that generally improves your driving experience, helping you keep costs to a minimum. An accurate measurement of your MPG is recorded, working to calculate your average journey cost. Meanwhile, engine lights analysis helps you distinguish any potential problems with your vehicle.

Apps are slowly taking over and considering the fact we continually use our smartphones to assist our daily lives, it is completely understandable that they should be used to better our driving as well.

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