How Coding Can Help With Business Growth

Lindsey Patterson
June 17, 2020

In a startup environment, teams of entrepreneurs with complementary skills come together to form an industry. A successful entrepreneur must possess several dozens of skill sets, which may include profit and loss statement management, accounting, business development, and marketing. Similarly, learning to code is an essential skill for every entrepreneur running an enterprise that leverages technology. The following are ways coding skills contribute towards the growth of an enterprise.

Critical Thinking

Each decision either big or small can impact the operation of an enterprise at its startup stage. That means owners of businesses should be able to make the right choices and make growth strategy consulting even when they are under pressure. Critical thinking is integral in making the right decision, and there is no better way to learn to brainstorm than to master the art of coding. As an entrepreneur thinks algorithmically and logically through a challenge inherent in their operations, control flows, and procedures, they will break down the problem into solutions that they can rely on and reuse down the road. Research holds that it takes thousands of hours for anyone to master a skill. However, entrepreneurs may not have all that time to learn to code, but proficiency in coding can make them better managers than before.

Product Development

You need to learn to code to build an excellent team and perhaps the next killer productivity app, iPhone game, or web application. Business owners may also need to learn to manage their projects and schedules. With an understanding of the necessary resources and a grasp of the timeline of development, an entrepreneur can develop a realistic product line. And with data aggregation tools, you can help make this process easier.

In addition, business owners need to learn programming and product development to relate with their tech teams, especially when struggles inherent to the development process frustrates them. It will result in mutual respect between the development team and the management and boost the morale of the team and ultimately its productivity.

Understand the Tech Language

Learning to use technology and programming is like learning a foreign language. Entrepreneurs that will spend much of their time working with technology should strive to understand the jargons of their new working environment. For example, an entrepreneur might need to familiarize themselves with the local customs and learn a bit of Chinese if he or she decides to move to China, and technology is no exception. Your business decisions and products are likely to be better informed if you learn to code.

Gain Management Skills

Of course, resources of a tech startup are scarce, and the team probably overworks itself and operates on tight deadlines. Instead of interrupting the entire team to update content on an app or make a slight change to the website, the entrepreneur will have the confidence to make any alteration without fear that the business might get disrupted or shut down. An entrepreneur can focus on tasks such as tweaking the graphics and layout of their website and updating it while the rest of the team focuses on issues such as procurement and training. Business owners that understand how to code rarely ask their tech team to handle minor tasks such as updating the website.

Evaluation of Talent

The mission of nearly every startup that leverages the latest technology is to hire the right personnel. Remember that workers are the driving factor of the success of any enterprise, and if an entrepreneur doesn’t understand what differentiates a top talent from a mediocre candidate, their organizations are likely to incur costly errors. However, learning to code equips a business owner with the knowledge needed to spot a highly talented chief technology officer or app developer. Learning programming languages is no longer just for tech geniuses or IT professionals. Instead, it has become an essential skill in almost every aspect of life and business. People that understand coding are now in every field because programming is not only crucial but also easy to master.

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