App Review: Virtually Stephen Fry – baaaaaahhh

Alex Walls
June 6, 2013

Virtually Stephen Fry


Free on Apple iOS

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I guess this app was bound to happen; Stephen Fry broadcasts himself to the phone in your pocket, allowing you to download ‘headcasts’ of his voice complete with a slightly freaky virtual version of himself.

Fry’s sense of humour has also been broadcast thank goodness (bahhhh), and has featurettes from backstage QI and questionnaires – there’s even a small snippet from a massage Fry appears to be undergoing. There are also little factual broadcasts, for instance about mental health and the prescription of anti-depressant drugs.

There’s also the option to ‘interact’ with Fry, which consists of tickling (when he’ll either chortle or say the now famous ‘Bahhhh!’) or making him look in various directions as he speaks.

It’s fairly neat but at the moment, a little pointless if you’re not a fan.  If you  are  a fan of one of Britain’s national treasures, then this is an early Christmas present for you.

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