App Review: Trailerpop

Alan O'Doherty
July 4, 2013


Free on Android, Apple iOS

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For anyone who’s ever wasted an hour trawling trailers on Youtube this app is a must.

Trailerpop tests you on you movie knowledge giving you a time limit to answer trivia questions on everything from Hollywood blockbusters to art-house classics. As the trailer plays you’re given a series of questions on actors, directors and in-universe trivia and the faster you answer the more points you score.

The app offers all trailers in high-definition and gives you the option to select movies by genre so you can play to your strengths. rather than having to sit through trailers some of the greatest achievements in French silent cinema jabbing forlornly at your screen and feeling like an uncultured swine you can head straight for the rom-coms or monster movies and feel right at home. UK users might be at a little bit of a disadvantage; if you don’t know how the MPAA ratings system works you might feel a little hard done by on those questions, but perhaps it’s best not to take your score THAT seriously.

Trailerpop does require an internet connection to stream all this video, so be careful using this one if your data allowance is a little on the mean side. If you’ve got access to wifi on the other hand this is a great way to test your movie knowledge and check out trailers for some great movies old and new.

Next time I’m deciding which movie to check out on Netflix, Trailerpop is going to be my go to app.

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