Review: Brainwavz Audio Zeta wired earphones

Stephen Watson
January 20, 2019

Available from Amazon for £16.50

As you may have known we have covered many different earphones and normally earphones under the £30 mark normally don’t offer much expectation but the Zeta earphones offer great sound and nice comfort.

The brand Brainwavz is a Chinese based audio company that specialises in affordable audio products without cutting out the quality of the product. The packaging the headphones arrive in is a transparent pouch.

The Zeta earphones come with a velcro strap and a handy shirt clip for when you’re on the move.  You also get three pairs of different sized silicone tips that help make a great fit no matter the size of your ears. You also get two red rubber earbud housing loops.

The design of these earphones is a single dynamic 10mm driver with a rated input power of 3mW. The cable used is a durable plastic cable meaning they could take some damage and still be fine. The Zeta earphones have an inline control with a single button that can be used to take calls with a quality sound that makes calls. The inline control is positioned on the left instead of the right which seems to be normal when you consider other headphones.

The sound on these and I have tested these like I test all earphones and headphones and what you notice from the off is the bass it’s a nice level. They provide some bass-enriching sound when listening to sounds like music like Queen. You did not get any bass bleeding when using the earphones and without any noticeable echo.

Overall, these earphones offer good value and a sound to match considering the price. The only issue is with earphones is with phones such as the iPhone and Androids losing the earphone connection and all going wireless these only have a limited shelf life. However, for those with an older phone, they are a great buy and for under £20 if they broke or you lost them it’s not a major issue. These are a great alternative to anyone who doesn’t have the budget for Apple Earpods.  

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