Review: QDOS Infinity Glass iPhone Case

Stephen Watson
January 20, 2019

Available from for £49.99

I recently got sent the iPhone X from our friends at Mobile Phones Direct which we were very pleased to receive. Now if you have a phone like this you will now to need to keep this protected the best way you can.

I was also lucky to be contacted by the great people at Qdos with the latest in its award-winning OptiGuard range was the Qdos Infinity Glass case for the iPhone.

Now this case in a crystal clear tempered glass case that offers all-round protection as not only does it cover the front but the back as well. Now the case does not add much extra weight to the phone. It protects your phone from scratches or further damage.

The Infinity glass case combines premium Asahi glass panels with aluminium alloy frames. What makes this case unique it uses magnetic absorption technology to create a seamless all round protection.

Now Qdos state the case has a 9H scratch and impact resistant glass that is treated with an oleophobic coating that repels unwanted fingerprints. Now testing this case I can tell you the case is scratch proof and I have dropped the phone a few times now and the case keeps the phone safe.  Once did the case open but the phone was undamaged. However, the fact they state it repels unwanted fingerprints I would have to disagree not only do fingerprints stay on this case it also collects dust which does annoy me as I have to open up the case on regular bases and give both the phone and case a clean.

In terms of performance this case works as intended, however, I have noticed the left side of my phone with the case on when typing a text needs me to be a bot more forceful with typing but not a massive amount but noticeable. However, I continue to use this case for the fact is keeps both the front and back of my phone safe.

The case also allows you to charge my iPhone wireless which is a real benefit something a lot of cases does not provide.

So overall this is a great case that will keep your phone safe I just wish it would not make my phone and the inside of the case dirty but if you don’t mind giving the inside of the case and your phone a clean this is a great product and for £49.99 it’s well worth it considering the cost of a new iPhone.

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