IK Multimedia iRig UA Review

Thomas Wellburn
October 15, 2015

Cheapest Price: £71.00

Availability: Android only

Latency has always been something of an issue for Android. Aside from a select group of higher-end devices, most have a rather unfavourable amount of lag between actually recording something and hearing it in playback. IK Multimedia has done away with this and released the iRig UA, which carries out all the audio processing in a tiny no bigger than a bulky credit card. Aimed at electric guitar users, the device is more applicable to smartphone usage though it will still scale to fit a tablet screen perfectly fine.

It comes with a headphone jack and included auxiliary port for listening to a secondary source during playback, useful if you want to practice or record a cover of your favourite track. You’ve also got the ability to use it as a dedicated audio card for your Mac or PC, which is handy if you want a portable recording unit on the move. It’s designed to be used with the AmpliTube UA software, which provides several high quality amp emulations in a stompbox-style interface. You get over 20 included in the mobile application, with licensed gear from the likes of Fender and Orange. It’s a fantastic package for a cheap price and more importantly, fills a huge gap in the limitations of the Android OS.

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