IK Multimedia iRig Pro Review

Thomas Wellburn
October 15, 2015

Cheapest Price: £86.99

Availability: iOS only

The iRig Pro is a versatile audio interface that works on all iOS devices. Featuring a combo XLR/Jack cable, it includes phantom power via a handy 9V battery included in the box. Various breakout cables also allow both audio and MIDI information to be transmitted, making it a handy device for all kinds of uses. Unlike the iRig UA which focuses primarily on guitar, the Pro can be used for vocals and instruments. Connecting it is simple and the host of included cables mean that it’s compatible with both older and newer Apple devices.

Build quality is a little on the plastic side, with the gain dial wobbling under strenuous use. Still, the unit carries a clean appearance and the rubberised finish does a good job of keeping it steady on a slippery surface. The lack of a headphone jack is a minor annoyance which isn’t so much of an issue on iOS due to the reliable latency-free recording. The iOS version ships with three completely free pieces of software. The first is the AmpliTube application, which offers the same experience as its Android counterpart. There’s also the popular sampler SampleTank included, plus an excellent iGrand Piano emulator app. All-in-all, a very complete package.

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