Review: WD My Passport 4TB 2019 portable hard drive

Stephen Watson
December 2, 2019

WD My Passport 4TB – Costs £89.99 via

Here at What Mobile, we have covered a number of My Passport hard drives. The latest we got our hands on is the 4TB version. For some reason, WD never changes the name of there devices which can be somewhat annoying.

This version does the same thing all the previous versions before have but the latest upgrades include USB 3.2 connector & Updated software being the most noticeable changes. As with previous models, you can get this head drive in either:

  • 1TB- £42.99
  • 2TB- £57.99
  • 4TB- £89.99
  • 5TB- £109.99

In this review, we are looking at the 4TB version which comes in 3 colours Black, Red & Blue. I am reviewing the black version that costs £89.99 currently. The design of this device is basically the same as last year’s model in terms of a plastic and metal combo with a textured finish on both sides of the device. You also have a small white LED light that appears when in use or when idle. This storage uses an OEM drive with 5,400RPM platters and I expect x2 both with 2TB capacity.

When testing how the hard drive performed and if you move a 15GB file it will move over 2 mins which is quite fast and does get a little warm when using but if you lifting 15GB file you might get warm lol. 

This is all done by using the WD discovery software which acts as a platform for the My Passport Drive. It’s there you have options like setting up AES Hardware encryption. 

In terms of portable hard drives you could do a lot worse you get 3 years warranty and a decent performance speeds but it’s not massively different from previous models meaning you could buy an older version and still be happy. However, The AES hardware encryption is a nice addition as well as the USB 3.2 connector. The WD Discovery software has also been improved. So if your looking for extra storage WD is the brand you need to look at.

WD My Passport 4TB – Costs £89.99 via

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