Review: Urbanista Paris True Wireless earbuds

Stephen Watson
December 3, 2019

The Urbanista Paris Normally £99 currently £69.30 via Urbanista website

Last month we went to the urbanista product launch and have had the chance to review the Urbanista Sydney & Brisbane speakers which have been reviewed recently. We also got the chance to review the Urbanista Paris true wireless earbuds.

The Urbanista Paris normally costs £99 but in the current Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sales you can pick them up for £69.30 saving you 30%. The buds come in four colours: Olive Green, White, rose gold & Black.

In this review, we have the olive green pair to review. As mentioned in previous reviews Urbanista name their products after capital cities and these buds are no exception. The Paris buds have taken design inspiration from the Apple Airpods and they look very similar. The main features of these buds are touch control, water-resistant, voice control and come with a charging case that allows wireless charging. Along with the buds and the case you get a USB-C charge cable, different size rubber tips and the instruction manual.  

The design of these earphones are the in-ear type with clear rubber tips. The earbud has a small LED blue indicator light and a microphone below. You store the buds in the carry case. In the carry case, you will see two metal prongs that the buds need to connect for charging purposes.

The case is very slimline in design and on the side is the USB-C port and a small LED light that flashes red which indicated when on charge or when they needed charging. The red LED also comes on when you wireless charge the buds on a Qi-Certified charging plate. 

The buds work with Bluetooth 5.0 and they pair very quickly and you will hear a voice say “connected” You will notice when you pair them it will only appear with the right bud to connect my feeling is that is because that is the master and the left is the slave. Like most buds take them out of the charging case they automatically turn on and pair to your device.  

Using the earphones are touch-sensitive which is how you control them. To activate them just place your finger on the logo and that will activate a command. 

The commands are the following: 

TURN OFF VOICE ASSISTANT – Touch the Right bud logo twice.

ANSWER A CALL – Touch the logo twice on the right (R) or left (L) earphone.

END A CALL – Touch the logo twice on the right (R) or left (L) earphone.

REJECT A CALL – Touch and hold the logo on the right (R) or left (L) earphone for 2 seconds.

PLAY MUSIC – Touch the logo twice on the left (L) earphone

PAUSE MUSIC – Touch the logo twice on the left (L) earphone

ADJUST THE VOLUME (+) – Touch the logo once on the right (R)earphone

ADJUST THE VOLUME (-) – Touch the logo once on the left (L) earphone.

SKIP A TRACK FORWARD – Touch the logo on the right (R) earphone for 2 seconds.

SKIP A TRACK BACKWARD – Touch the logo on the left (L) earphone for 2 seconds

All the controls once you learn them all are very responsive I have turned the volume up with a single tap of the right bud while typing this review is so easy.  

Moving on to how they sound it’s not a decent bass not too overpowering which was a nice bonus and the sound profile is very well mixed. The instrumentals are held very well even at high volume and the overall sound quality is decent considering the price range of these buds. I have been geeking off to Christmas songs and they nail Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas is you. You can hear crystal clear audio and you can hear all the instruments used in the background perfectly.

Call quality when using these buds is also very good you get a crisp and clear sound and when asked who I was speaking to they said they call also hear me perfectly.

Charge wise these buds will you get 5 hours of use and the case offers 3 additional charges offering a total of 20 hours. 

Overall these are a nice alternative of the airpods pro for fraction of the cost. They look great and the carry case is slimline with the Urbanista branding printed on the case and the logo printed on the buds they are stylish. The battery life is decent and the fact that you get 3 full charges for them the case and the fact the case can be fully charged by your QI wireless charger. It does take about 1hr and a half to fully charge via wireless charge.  As mentioned the sound profile is also very good considering the price range these fall in. These earbuds are also IPX5 rated meaning water-resistant but having said that I would keep them away from water and cover-up if it’s raining.

So if you’re looking for a budget pair of airpods that give you great features and a great sound its time you go to Paris with Urbanista.

The Urbanista Paris Normally £99 currently £69.30 via Urbanista website

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