Review: Tile Essentials – Bluetooth Trackers: Preventing Losing Everyday Items

Stephen Watson
November 20, 2019

The Tile Essentials cost £64.99 from 

We have all been there you have lost your keys, wallet or even your phone and if you’re like me it drives you ad. Well, Bluetooth tracker company Tile has come to the rescue with the Essentials pack that includes 3 of the most popular and newest creations. The Tile Mate, Tile Slim and 2 Tile stickers.

The benefit of using a tile is the fact if you have your tile but your phone is missing you can call the phone via the tile creating an alert so you can find your phone. If it’s your keys or something else you have the tile connected that has gone missing you can use the Tile app to locate the item or if your outside of the distance of where you can call the tile. The app will use the tile community to alert you as to a location where your item currently is.

The Tile Essentials cost £64.99 which is cheap considering the kind of items it could protect. The first of the 3 items we are going to look at is the Tile Mate which I have reviewed recently click here for the review.  The Tile Mate on its own cost £13.99 via Amazon and gives you a range of 200ft and something which is an improvement from the previous tile mate is that now you can buy a replacement battery instead of just getting rid of the tile after a year of use.

The Tile Mate – Perfect for your keys

Next in the pack is the Tile Slim this is ideal for your wallet as the tile slim is credit card shaped meaning losing your wallet is an issue of the past. As long as your 200ft away for the alarm to trigger or if you are the further way the tile app uses other users help to find your items without them even knowing. To buy the tile Slim on its own it would cost £24.99. With the sleek design its ideal for your wallet or passport. The battery life on the tile slim can last 3 years meaning it’s well worth buying this knowing not only are your keys safe but also your passport or wallet by using the Tile Slim.

The Tile Slim- Ideal for the wallet or passport

Last but not least and the newest product from Tile is the stickers these are small circle-shaped tags that you can stick to anything I have put one on the base of my Chromebook but these can be put anywhere and what more they are waterproof so we mean you can use this on literally anything you can think of with the aid of the 3m adhesive on the back. The battery life of up to 3 years at £34.99 for 2 or £54.99 for 4 stickers. In the essentials pack you are given 2 tile stickers.

The Tile Sticker- Comes with adhesive pad for easy sticking on any item even in your bike.

Now on the app Tile offer you a premium service you can sign up to for an extra £3 per month that gives you alerts when you leave something behind. The premium service also lets you share accounts between family members and offer a 30 day location history and you also get replacement batteries. 

Is Premium it worth it?

I sit on the fence on this the premium service costs £36 per year but you can only replace batteries in the tile mate so getting a replacement battery once a year is a nice thing to happen and having a full history of where you put things. Would I personally upgrade to the premium service I would have to say no as I am generally good with looking after things. So having the Tile with the normal service is more than enough for me.

The app is quite good as not only can you connect the tiles in the name the tile to what it’s connected to but tile now built into to many different brands of headphones and I have a tile in both my Skullcandy Crusher ANC but also my Sennheiser Momentum wireless meaning I now have everything cover.

So if your the type of person who loses things the tile essential kit is a must you can basically protect all your prized everyday items and stop that blind panic when something goes missing even your phone. If your item is out of range and someone with a tile the app sends you a notification saying spotted and shows a location.  Just remember to always have your Bluetooth on otherwise the Tile can not work.

Cost wise this is a no brainer if you ask me £69.99 compared to getting each item separately and paying over £75 for all 3 items which is not a massive saving but every little helps so they say.

My only negative was when I put my keys down the side of the sofa and covered it the sound of the tile when the alarm was going off was a little difficult to hear having said that the Tile mate got louder the longer I was looking and the app was showed the tile was in the area it mentioned so you did find the tile in the end.

Would I buy this device?

Yes for sure as having that added security on devices like my Chromebook and also on my home and office keys it took the stress out of finding any of these items when I have misplaced them.

The Tile Essentials cost £64.99 from

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