Review: PowerPic Wireless Charger by Twelve South

Stephen Watson
February 10, 2020

With Valentine’s day coming up we are looking for that little something to make that important person in your life and show how much you care so how about a picture frame that shows that special memory but can also charge your phone all in one. I welcome you the PowerPic Wireless Charger.

Designed by Twelve South that has turned your Qi Wireless charger into a lovely photo frame saving you space. The PowerPic wireless charger frame is a photo frame made from New Zealand pine and can hold a picture that is 5×7 in size. It’s available in either black or white and costs £49.99 from Amazon.

In this review, we had a white frame. As mentioned this is not just a photo frame but also a Qi wireless charger so as long as your phone is compatible for wireless charging this frame a great little gift. 

When you come to setting this frame it can be done in like a few minutes it’s very easy to do. At the back of the frame, you will see the main charging section and space of the support arm that is in the box. Once you connect the arm it will hold some of the power cable which allows you to keep the cable tidy and organised like below and also hold the frame-up.

The charger only comes with the USB Type-A cable so if you want to use this you need to source an AC adapter or just use your iPhone plug in my case. The PowerPic supports 10W charging meaning most phones with Qi Wireless charging is supported. I have an iPhone X and it gave me a quarter of my battery charged in less than an hour.  

On the back of the frame is where the magic happens as the front looks just like a frame. You will notice on the back you have 5 clips that hold the charger in place you can move the clips and that would allow you to remove the image from inside the fame and put a picture of a loved one in if you wish. On the base of this device, you have 4 silicone feet preventing it from sliding. Unfortunately, you are only able to use this phone in portrait mode.  At the rear as mentioned, you are able to charge the picture inside the frame but on the charger, at the rear, you also see a few LED lights:

  • Blue – Charging
  • Green- fully charged
  • Flashing Blue- Foreign Object warning  

However, With the LED on the back you generally just touch your phone to see how it’s charging so you do not really notice the LED’s so they seem a little pointless. I found this charger useful in the kitchen when using my phone to follow a recipe on youtube but also wanting a quick charge but it is also designed to be placed in the bedroom.

What I really like about this charger is the frame & iPhone wallpaper combinations it adds to the picture and looks cool like below:

The downside is most iPhones will just switch to a black screen when not in use so this feature fails to deliver and just shows the black screen of the phone. However, It can be changed via your handset settings.

Overall, This Powerpic is a nice idea to help declutter your home allowing you to display a picture but also allow you to remove the additional phone charger off your desk and giving you that 2 in 1 solution you might have been looking. 

So if you’re looking for an original gift this valentine’s day this is perfect and costs £49.99 from Amazon.  

Overall rating- 4.5 stars

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