Review: Lenovo Smart Clock

Stephen Watson
August 27, 2019

Lenovo Smart Clock Available for £59.99 from Currys

Here at What Mobile, we have reviewed a number of smart speakers with the latest being the Lenovo Smart Display which is a great device to use. The latest from Lenovo is the Smart Clock.

The Smart Clock takes being a normal alarm clock to the next level with the introduction of Google Assistant and most recently having google Photo album into the fold meaning you can wake up with images of your loved ones or special memories.

The Lenovo Smart Clock is designed for use in the bedroom but you can have the speaker anywhere in the house if you wanted. However, with the fact they have removed the camera, it’s ideal for the bedroom as Lenovo wants you to feel relaxed having it in your bedroom. Design-wise it has a   touchscreen and a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels which for what is designed to do is more than enough. The shape is wedge-like and it’s covered in a grey fabric material. On the top you will find a Plus and Minus with is for the volume controls.

On the back, you will find a microphone mute switch as well as a USB port and power input.

The USB port is designed to charge your phone meaning you don’t have to have too much plugged into the mains. However, If you’re looking for a fast charge you might want to consider another way as this will take some time to charge your phone. However, I charged my phone overnight and it was fine. The Smart Clock also has speakers 6w and this is perfect for your requirements it allows for some chill-out music or for when you’re listening to the day’s news after a hard day of work. What I did find is the microphone was a lot more receptive than its bigger brother the Lenovo Smart Display.   

Feature-wise is very similar to any other Smart Display, to be honest in terms of using Google Assistant such as setting reminders and asking for the weather you can also link it to all your other devices via the google home app that allows you control smart lights and even your hive heating device.

The screen also allows you to do touch it and carry out simple tasks and also has a pull-down menu so you can change some settings. However, like most smart displays you will use your voice for 99% of things. 

The best feature this smart speaker, in my opinion, is not only can you tap this smart clock when the alarm goes off but you can command stop and it will listen to that command even without saying “google stop” meaning we can all have that extra 5 minutes till next alarm goes off lol.  The Smart Clock also has the sunrise feature meaning over a period of 30 times increases screen brightness sonic alarm going off. 

It will also allow you to use the preset routines you have built into the Google Home Hub so for example If you say “Google Good Morning” it will tell you the news as well turning on your smart lights and getting the hot water on for that lovely morning shower.  If you say “Google Good Night” you can also set a routine to happen when you’re getting ready for bed. 

As mentioned previously, it also has the use of the Google Photo album which lets you create a slideshow of important pictures you want to have on display. Plus you can also set your audio streaming app such as Spotify. 

Cost wise its priced at £59.99 from Currys which I thought was very acceptable considering the bigger Lenovo Smart Display 10” costs £229 via the BT shop.    

Overall if you’re looking for a smart display with a built-in alarm you will find it hard to find a better option. The Lenovo Smart Clock puts privacy first and that why the camera been removed. The Smart Clock with Google Assistant does everything you come to expect from a Smart Display and you also get the USB port for charging your phone or your kindle its good as it cuts down on plug usage but the charge time very slow. 

The introduction sunrise feature allows for that nice wake-up period it gives you the best of both worlds in terms of using Google Assistant and having a digital alarm clock so at £59.99 it’s well worth the investment.

Lenovo Smart Clock Available for £59.99 from Currys

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