Review: JVC Premium Sound Neckband headphones – HA-FX65BN-N

Stephen Watson
May 1, 2019

As part of the premium range that JVC sent over, we have had the chance to test the (HA-FX65BN-N) which are the neckband version of the previous two pairs of overhead headphones we have been given to review.

These headphones are also wireless headphones but have a flexible neckband allowing these to be a nice device when your travelling or personally when am cycling I like the feeling of not having something too heavy around my neck.

So as mentioned they are part of the premium range and cost £79.99 and include ANC technology. When you open the packing you have the neckband headphones, 4 different sizes of earbuds, USB to Micro USB cable and carry pouch.

The design of the headphones are of a quality smart flat cable that connects to 2 sections of the cable one side holding the battery and the other also housing battery storage but also is the main control panel that has a 3 button remote ( Power/ANC and volume control). The earbuds themselves are magnetic if you put them back to back. The shape of the earbuds are designed to fit perfectly and help with the ANC.     

The earbuds come with 3 different sizes to help anyone who needs a different size of earbud and you’re given the sizes XS/S/L and Medium being on the earbuds. Personally, I did not need to change the buds but nice to have the option.

The features given are ANC which really do make a difference personally I find these got rid of 99% of outside noise which with the design of the earbuds that also creates its own isolation that helps the ANC. Other features include its rainproof (IPX4) and the headphones also allow you to use your voice assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant.  

Sound wise JVC has got the right blend of bass with nice mids and highs to create a really good sound range.  The bass is not the strongest I have experienced but its just right when you consider the other elements and this is shown when listening to something like “Lost Without You by Freya Ridings”.

The battery is also an important aspect when buying a pair of headphones and JVC gives you 8 hours of playtime from a single use now this does drop to 5 hours if you have ANC on all the time but I find it’s only needed when am travelling on the tube or down a busy road. Other times am happy to listen to the headphones without the benefit of ANC.

Overall this neckband version of JVC’s Premium range is a good try and at £79.99 I feel they are well worth it compared to others in a similar price range. I know the neckband design will not suit everyone but I found these headphones great for when I have been travelling to work or even in the gym or cycling as you forget about the band after a while.

If I had to find one negative about these are the fact you only get 8 hours of charge and if JVC are going to improve I want longer battery life. However, for this entry into the premium sector, they have given a quality design with a fantastic range in the sound and the benefit of ANC & 8-hour playback they are worth considering.

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