Review: Joby StandPoint Case for iPhone X/XS

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August 11, 2020

We have covered many different types of phone case over the years but the Joby Standpoint is a little different. We all want a case that protects your phone and the StandPoint case does that but it also has a unique feature: it comes with its own built-in tripod. 

As many of us are currently working from home and taking Zoom calls or even making video content this little device could be well worth investing in? 

The Joby Standpoint costs £34.95 and is available for the following handsets currently: 

  • iPhone X/XS 
  • iPhone 11 
  • iPhone 11 Pro 
  • Google Pixel 4 
  • Google Pixel 4XL 

So you are a little limited in terms of who could buy this product but lucky for me I am using an iPhone X for this review. The main features of this case are the fact it has aluminium tripod legs and it is compatible with most wireless charging pads. 

I know you may be saying its just a flip-out stand and you’re right but it creates a mini tripod meaning watching your favourite film on the go can be done with ease. 

How does it work? Well, the case fits on your phone like a normal phone case but it’s at the back that the flip-out legs can be set up like a normal tripod and it has little rubber feet to make sure it stays where you place it. 

If you need to charge your phone this case is Qi Compatible however, there is a massive but. You can’t just place your phone on a wireless charger, you have to move the legs out of the way to do it which is a little annoying and also how many times could you do this before the tripod would come into problems? 

If I had to find a few negatives about this device I would say it was the fact that sometimes the stand can feel a little unsteady as it can get a little top-heavy at times so be careful about which angle you set up the stand. 

Another slight negative I found is you must remember if you are going to charge your phone wirelessly you need to take the legs out of the case otherwise it won’t charge and this can be a little annoying at times. 

Overall, the Joby Standpoint is a great idea for someone who loves taking pictures with the use of a tripod or you can use it for when you’re making a Zoom call or if you wanted to record some video content it’s ideal. As mentioned it’s not perfect and I think for £35 it’s an ideal solution for someone looking to make video content or for these who are looking to make some great pictures and offers an alternative to something like a Gorillapod that Joby also sell. 

Overall rating – 4 stars 

The Joby Standpoint Case £34.95 from 

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