Review: Cygnett FreePlay Wireless Earphones

Stephen Watson
December 1, 2018

Available from Cygnett for £79.95

Here at What Mobile, we have reviewed a number of headphones and earphones and now is the turn of the Cygnett Freeplay wireless Earphones.

This company is well known in Australia and I come across them recently at an event where we have reviewed power banks and chargers which seem to be what this company is best at but how will these earbuds fair?

The Freeplay wireless earphones are priced at £79.95 so instantly I had a feeling about these considering they would have to be special to compete with my favourite earbuds the Jabra Elite 65t. Cost wise they are a great bargain compared to its rivals in that range you get nice looking pair earbuds, charging case and quick charge and battery for over three hours. So the signs are all good!

Now once I got these out of the packaging and gave these the time in terms of reviewing them I discovered these just do not cut the grade in terms of design and performance. The earphones are larger then they should be making the fit in your ear very uncomfortable and I felt like they would fall out all the time plus I had to keep trying to adjust the fit as they did pop out a couple of times which is not what you want in earbuds. When I use my Jabra Elite 65t I could do a handstand and they would stay in with the Cygnett Freeplay I was concerned they would stay in when walking let alone a handstand.  Cygnett has got the earphone design completely wrong as they are also angled really poorly and I would prefer a closer seal in the ear and better comfort.

I also find turning them all a challenge you have to turn them both on separately and once on you get told “PWS Connected” This tells you its connected but am not sure why it says that as it was not connected I had to pair these myself.

I hoped once I got these connected the performance was going to improve but unfortunately it did not improve much. Listen to anything with some base to it like Alice Murton- No Roots and you discover Cygnett forgot to add the bass in these.

One positive I will say is the battery you get 3 hours charge in the headphones and an additional 6 hours charge in the case which also has an indicator of how much charge is in the case with the bonus of a see-thru case. The negative with the case is opening the thing a tiny button that I did have the struggle to open.

Overall, I think they really need to improve these in terms of challenging other earbuds in the price range. They also need to improve the comfort as I could not wear these for the full three-hour charge I needed a break. They also need to sort out the issue with them feeling like they will fall out as people are not going to spend £79 for them to fall out. I would also like one button to connect both together am not a fan of trying to turning them on and connecting separately. I also think they need to work on the performance and please add some base.

On the Brightside, you do get a charging case with six hours charge but the earbuds are so bad you don’t want them in for that long. 

Better luck next time Cygnett and for £79 I feel you can get much better headphones out there go buy there power banks instead.

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