Review: Cygnett ChargeUp Swift 10K wireless Power Bank

Stephen Watson
March 9, 2019

Cygnett ChargeUp Swift 10K wireless Power Bank- £69.95 from 

In a world where smartphones are doing more and more, the one issue will always be the phones need to recharge and recharge on the go.  The chargeUp Swift 10K powerbank is a solution that that issue. Cygnett who are well known for power banks have created this using the latest in lithium polymer battery and have also included the Qi wireless which is vital with considering most smartphones these days have QI wireless technology.

This charger allows for charging on both Apple & Samsung devices and provides 7.5w wireless fast charging on Apple devices and 10w wireless fast charging on Samsung.

The power bank allows smaller cells to hold more charge and provide higher output. After testing this powerbank with my iPhone X I got 3 full charges from this powerbank. They have included a handy digital display to show how much charge is left which is a great feature for this powerbank.  Once the charge is low simply plug into a USB charge cable that is included in the pack. When not in use the battery will simply turn itself off.

A great feature of the powerbank is when using the wireless charge you can also use the USB Port to charge an additional item. This would be a great product for a photographer who could use this to multiple charge items.  

The product is lightweight and has a soft rubber touch finish to give it a nice look and this powerbank main feature is it allows you to dull charge items and that is why this product is a winner for charging on the go.

At £69.95 from cygnett, this is the perfect charger for being on the go.

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