Review: ANNKE Smart Wifi Outdoor Security CCTV Camera with Integrated Floodlight

Stephen Watson
February 7, 2020

Annke is a well-known security camera brand that we here at What Mobile has only recently started to cover products from them starting with the Annke 4K NVR Security Camera. In this review, we are looking at the AI Floodlight camera which offers features like Ultra Bright floodlight, video surveillance & AI Algorithm and Two-way audio.  

This camera is available from Amazon and comes in two different colours Black (£115) & White (£109) so you see there is a slight difference in price simply due to the colour. This camera must be hardwired as the working voltage is 110V so make sure you position it somewhere near power and get the power drill ready. In this review, I got a friend who is an electrician to install an outside junction box so we could mount the camera to it.  The device only weighs 3 pounds so it’s very lightweight. When setting up this camera you will notice you can adjust both the position of the floodlight and the camera to suit your requirements. In the instructions, they advise to set it up 9ft hight to allow for the distance of 30ft. When intrusion mode is set you can pick someone up from 15ft. The camera is a solid build and the floodlight is made of aluminium while the camera is made of mainly plastic.  

This system can be used both indoors and outdoors but with the floodlight, it’s more suited to being outside as its IP55 rated meaning it can handle the heat and cold with a range of -4°F to as hot as 122°F and the brightness of the floodlight is 2150LM. 

The camera is the star of the show here as don’t get me wrong it’s very bright but it’s just a floodlight and has 2 functions ON/OFF. The camera is full 1080P HD quality with a 127-degree ultra-wide field of view and 180-degree range. This camera also gives you a motion detection range of up to 30 feet.   This camera is connected via Wifi up to 2.4 GHz meaning some wifi sets ups above this won’t work so it’s worth checking before you buy the camera.  

This floodlight camera also comes with a 100-decibel alarm and also comes with two-way audio which is very handy for telling a delivery driver where to place your item if your not home or scare an intruder away due to the PIR infrared body sensor that will pick up when someone up to 30ft insight and turn the floodlight on first.

The key selling point of this camera is the AI suspicious intrusion Algorithm which will only pick up human shapes and won’t give you a false alarm if an animal like a dog was to approach the camera range. If it does detect an intruder and you set the camera when you have left the property the siren and flashing floodlight should scare someone off or at least grab a neighbours attention.

You also can set customizable motion zones to like a back door or any vulnerable area of your house via the app. The app is called CAMB my only concern with this app it’s not ANNKE branded which I would have preferred.

Once the camera been installed and the app downloaded the set up is very easy and the user guide you are given is very helpful and provides step by step guide. In the settings of the app once you have gone through the steps and set up the Wi-FI connection you can set the following: 

  • Warning Light
  • Video recording 
  • Speaker
  • Lighting control.

The lighting control, as well as all the features, are important to set but this is the most important as you will be able to set PIR sensitivity and Floodlight timer. You will notice once an Intruder has gone the floodlight normally turns off 10 seconds after.  

Please make sure you allow push notifications otherwise its a bit pointless. 

When you get notifications this is recorded and shared via the SD card that this device will support ( Up to 64GB SD Card can be used. Otherwise, you can use the cloud storage that ANNKE offer up to a year of use for a cost (See website for details) 

My only negative about this camera is that Night vision is not the best it’s more of a subtle quality of vision. In fact, there is more of a reliance on outside lighting or the motion detector kicking the floodlight into action as long as the person within 12 meters the light will kick in.    

Overall, this security system is very good and does not cost lots and at £109 for the white version we had. It’s within a good budget for most people but can anyone put a price on a safe home? 

This security system is packed with features such as highly sensitive PIR sensor of 30ft and 180 degrees. Customizable motion zones, cloud storage or SD card support to 64GB, Two-way audio to put you in control of any alerts. I found when it did alert me it was very quick and the audio that comes out of the camera was very clear. The star of the show is clearly the AI intrusion Algorithm as I live near a Tesco Express and a School I was surprised I did not get many false alerts. You can also download the app on 3 different devices that can all access this camera meaning if you have multiple family members using it you will never miss an alert. 

The App is very easy to use I just wish it was branded to ANNKE as you do question if the app is the right one to use as there no reference to ANNKE. Apart from that if you are looking at a very good security camera without having to invest a lot into a system this is an option I would very much consider.

  • Design- 4
  • Features- 5
  • Performance- 4
  • Value for Money- 5

Overall Rating- 4.5

The ANNKE AI Floodlight Camera available from Amazon – Black (£115.99) or White (£109.99)

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