Review: Adonit pro 4 – Stylus Pen

Stephen Watson
July 11, 2019

The Adonit pro 4 Stylus pen – £34.99 from Amazon

Last year we reviewed the Adonit pro 3 stylus pen fast forward 12 months and we now have the new and improved pro 4 which can be used on any device phone or tablet. 

The Stylus is a product that allows you to basically use a pen on your phone which gives you better precision then your finger. If that is what you are after then the stylus is fantastic. The stylus is well designed its looks great  and comes in 3 different colours: 

Black & Copper, Silver as well as a Gold version.

The stylus pro 4 in this review uses a nice combination of black and copper to make this stylus look expensive. The tip of the pen is a soft material disc made of plastic and that is the only part that contacts your phone and does not scratch your phone.

The Tip can be seen under the plastic disc and rotates freely allowing you to use the stylus in any angle you want allowing for better handling. When not in use there a really nice copper cap that makes it look like a pen cap and keeps it safe when not in use. The rest of the pen looks really nice and even has a clip for you to keep it safe in your pocket when not in use.

Using the Pro 4 I found it a nice experience it works perfectly when sending a text or even using within some of my apps and am using an iPhone X that was given to us by the wonderful guys at Mobile Phones Direct. 

I did find it precise the majority of the time but you will notice at times I did need to double click as my phone did not notice the click the first time. You will also notice unlike the Apple pencil there no pressure sensitivity but on the brightside, you get no lag time so it feels just like using a pen.

Overall, this is a high-end stylus that not only looks great but performs really well and is a great alternative to the Apple Pencil and only costs £34.99. The pro4 gives you a more precise way of using your phone over using your finger.  I noticed it even improved my text messaging and what more you can use it whenever you need as no charging or pairing required. The only slight negative was it sometimes missed what I was doing on my phone but it only happened a hand full of times so I can live with that. The best part of this stylus is the fact you can use any device which makes it great to the point if I change my phone or tablet I won’t have to change this.

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