Review: 1More ColourBuds – True Wireless in-Ear headphones

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August 26, 2020

The 1More ColourBuds True Wireless In-Ear Headphones – £80.74 from Amazon

In the next 1More earbud review we’re covering today, which is the second of the three products they have sent us, we are reviewing the ColourBuds, which are a mid-range wireless earphone entry.

The ColourBuds cost £80.74 from Amazon and are available in 4 colours:

Black, Green, Gold & Pink.

For this review, 1More has sent us a pair of green buds and they have a nice style on first impressions. The buds and the case are made of plastic which is a little surprising but I expect it because 1More wanted a lightweight design with each bud weighing only 4.1g each so you can wear these for long periods of use. The buds also have an ergonomic design that offers a good level of comfort that does not protrude from your ears.

Inside the box, you are given the USB-C charge cable and user manual. You also get three pairs of ear tips to offer you the perfect fit.

Most people want a pair of buds that are comfortable, offer a large battery and sound great and on first impressions, 1More has got it right with these buds. The 1More ColourBuds not only feel good in the ears but you also get a very good fit in the ears I had no concerns they would have fallen out of my ears when using these for some exercise. Speaking of exercise, these buds come IPX5 rated meaning they are sweat-resistant so they are perfect for the gym.

The buds come in a charging case that comes in a glossy green finish, with a rubberised base that prevents the case from slipping off your desk.

Other features include an IR Sensor (Auto play/pause) that allows the user to automatically pause your music the second you remove the buds. When you’re ready to turn the music back on just pop the buds on. I found this useful if I wanted to have a chat with a trainer in the gym.

These buds also come with touch control but unlike the 1More True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones I have reviewed before these controls are quite basic:

  • Play/Pause – Double tap on either bud

  • Answer/End call- Double tap on either bud

  • Voice Assistant – Triple tap on either bud.

Now you can download the 1More App which does allow you to customise controls like track & volume control but these features do not come as standard. The fact this is not the case really does put me off these buds.

Moving onto the audio quality of the ColourBuds you get AptX and AAC codec support allowing you a strong Bluetooth connection that hardly cuts out. Sound-wise you get a mid-bass response without drowning the sound signature. The sub-bass is good but with tracks that are bass-heavy, it can feel a little underwhelmed. However, with the EQ, users will be capable of pushing the sub-bass into a much deeper responding performance without affecting the overall sound quality.

The mids on these buds offer a warm midrange with great vocals. You get an overall cosy feel that offers a gentle sound. The highs offer a sufficient brightness. I also tested for sound leaks and they only happen when the volume is at max but this is quite normal, so when listening at a normal level you won’t have any sound leakage. This is also paired with the passive isolation you get with the good fitting earbuds. It’s a shame you don’t get ANC but it’s something you can live with.

These buds also allow for you to make and receive calls and this is done via four built-in microphones combined with cVc 8.0 environmental noise cancellation technology and this offers crystal clear calls.

Last but not least is the battery. You get six hours of playback in the buds and can charge just one bud at a time if you wish. The case itself gives you in total 22 hours of charge. A full charge takes about 70 mins to complete but you also have the option of fast charge 15 minutes charge gives you two hours in the bank. A negative would be the fact that you are unable to use wireless charging instead of USB cables but if I’m honest it’s not a game-changer.

Would I buy these? 

I love 1More for the time they take in putting quality in their products. The ColourBuds are 1More’s budget earbud attempt and they are not bad. You’re getting a pair of lightweight buds with ergonomic design to provide you with a comfortable experience. These buds also come with an IPX5 rating providing water resistance.

The AptX & AAC codec means your Bluetooth connection will stay strong. The audio quality is quite good for a budget pair of earbuds. However, if you are a bass fan these might disappoint. The ColourBuds do offer IR sensors which means if you pop out a bud the music will pause right away and restart once that bud is back in your ears. However, It’s the lack of touch controls before you use the 1More app to customise controls that puts me off a little.

If you can look past the controls and don’t mind setting up the controls via the 1More App then for a high-end budget pair of buds these are worth investing in.

So if you want a pair of buds that are not super cheap when the quality is affected and have the right expectations when you buy these they are well worth considering for your next pair of buds.

Product Ratings: 

  • Design- 4 Stars

  • Features- 3 Stars

  • Audio Quality- 4 Stars

  • Value for Money- 4 Stars

Overall Rating: 3.75 Stars  

The 1More ColourBuds True Wireless In-Ear Headphones- £80.74 from Amazon

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