The Outdoor Charger by PNY- Review

Stephen Watson
July 29, 2018

PNY’s is a manufacturer based in the USA have a wide range of products such as phone chargers, USB Flash Drives and many other products. We have been given the chance to review PNY’s The Outdoor Charger.

So I got the chance to review “The Outdoor charger by PNY” and at a first glance the packaging looks great and the product itself looks great for trips to the beach or if you’re going for a long walk in the countryside.  The rugged look and the fact it’s both resistant to dust and water and the fact it can handle knocks and shocks due to its robust and rubbery shell.

The one major disappointment I found about this product from the off is that it does not have a USB-Type C connection which means I could not use it. However, my girlfriend’s phone did work as she could use the micro-USB cable. The Charger also comes with a mini-USB so if your phone fits either charger you’re in luck but most people I know have a phone that fits a USB-Type C so if they was to improve this add a USB-Type C cable.

So we tested the charger on a trip to Newquay and was not disappointed. Having a charger on the beach you want something that can handle the robust use that we gave it plus sand did not cause it any issues.  A welcome addition is the carabiner which allows you to clip on your beach bag and not worry about losing this charger.

The charge itself also provides a 7800AH capacity allows enough power to charge your phone up to 4 times so if you’re watching a box set while building up the tan it’s a great charger. There are also four small LED lights on the front to show how many charges you have left.

The charger also has a flashlight you can activate it by holding down on the large button on the units side for a few seconds and this flashlight is brighter than a flashlight on a smartphone.

So overall a great product to charge a smartphone or action cam that use the Mini or Micro USB and with the flashlight, it could be a great addition to going to the beach or if you’re going for a long walk in the countryside so a bonus for anyone who loves travelling.  However, it does not allow the chance for anyone with a USB-Type C to take advantage of the cool gadget. So I hope PNY make this change and includes a USB-Type C cable.

If you want to buy this product it’s available at Jessops, Wickes or for £19. 

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