Juice -SoundStand- Review

Paul Lipscombe
November 5, 2018

Available for £39.99 from

There are so many options available in the market when it comes to finding a decent speaker. However, speakers can range in price from the crazy cheap to the ridiculously expensive and it can be somewhat overwhelming when deciding what to choose from.

Thankfully I have a fantastic alternative in the form of the Juice SoundStand, which is available for £39.99.

In keeping with the times, the SoundStand is a Bluetooth connected stereo that allows for easy connection from any Bluetooth enabled device.

Pairing a device takes seconds and in the case of me and my friends on holiday it allowed us to blast some tunes out around the pool.

A slick and compact design that comes with a stand to prop it up, it is a speaker that you can take with you on-the-go and offers up to six hours on one single charge with its 3W X 2 speaker.

In terms of connectivity, it has a wireless range of up to 10 metres which is helpful and adds to the convenience of it all.

As for the most important factor of the SoundStand, is the sound itself. For the seemingly cost-effective price, the sound is superb and played out all the music with no problems at all. You can control the volume through the device you’re using which further adds to the simplicity of it all.

The only problem was one of my friends insisted on overplaying Elton John. He still has the holiday blues now that the sun has gone down on him and a fantastic trip.

Awful pun aside the speaker is fantastic value for money if you’re having a few friends round or just want to listen to music on holiday but don’t want to break the bank in purchasing one.

If you don’t want the speaker in blue such as myself, it is also available in black, white and red.

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